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A Haven for Fame: Beverly Hills Real Estate that Appeals to Athletes and Celebrities

The allure Beverly Hills real estate holds on famous musicians, actors, athletes, and business people is undeniable. Over the years, celebrities like Mark Wahlberg, Charlie Sheen, Jennifer Aniston, and Sofia Vergara have made Beverly Hills their home. But why do so many people of note want to live here, and why should you too? Below, we take a closer look at the perks Beverly Hills has to offer, why so many celebrities flock to it, and why you might want to join the community.

Beverly Hills Homes for Sale

The Beverly Hills real estate market is one of the hottest in the country and features some of the most luxurious properties in the world. Beverly Hills homes are built in many styles, including Mid-Century Modern, French Normandy, and Spanish Colonial Revival. On average, Beverly Hills homes for sale have a median selling value of $5.5 million, with many hitting the 8-figure mark.

Mark Wahlberg’s estate is a great demonstration of this. Complete with a 2,500-square-foot gym, the Mediterranean-style estate boasts a grotto, waterfall, outdoor cabanas, putting green, and a movie screening room. It perfectly represents what Beverly Hills has to offer – unbridled luxury.

The Elite Residents of Beverly Hills

But perhaps the most impressive thing about Beverly Hills is its resident pool, which features the crème de la crème of Hollywood society. Some of the most famous people to live here include Leonardo DiCaprio, Adele, Sofia Vergara, Matt Damon, John Legend, Jessica Alba, Eddy Murphy, and Katy Perry.

DiCaprio’s home is a five-bedroom, five-bathroom mansion in Coldwater Canyon that he bought for $18 million in 2014. Adele’s home is estimated to be worth $50 million and previously belonged to Sylvester Stallone. And on the other side of town, Ellen DeGeneres and Portion own a Tudor mansion, one of eight houses they own together.

Living in Beverly Hills: How Does Beverly Hills Target Athletes and Celebrities?

Away from the glitz and glamor, however, celebrities flock to Beverly Hills because of its amenities. Beverly Hills remains one of the most private, exclusive, and luxurious neighborhoods globally. Some of the reasons you should consider it include:


Celebrities spend a lot of time in the spotlight, so they like privacy at home. Beverly Hills homes are built with this in mind and often feature long winding driveways, long hedges, start-of-the-art security systems, and cul-de-sacs, all on quiet, secluded streets.


While maintaining an air of seclusion, Beverly Hills retains convenient proximity to LA. Residents can often leave their homes and enjoy world-class restaurants, trips to the mountains and bitches, and short commutes to their studios and offices.

Fitness Culture

If you like to stay healthy, you will love the gyms, organic grocery stores, farmer’s markets, and famous personal trainers that call Beverly Hills home. Beverly Hills is home to celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson and world-renowned gyms like The Bunker.

Enjoy Beverly Hills Opulence with a Home of Your Own

Beverly Hills is the world capital of luxury and opulent living. From the high-end shopping experiences to the grand mansions and elite residents, it is easy to see why people like to live here. If you want a piece of the glitz and glamour, a Beverly Hills real estate agent can help you find a luxury home in one of Beverly Hills’ neighborhoods. Call us today to schedule your consultation.

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