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An Ultimate Guide You Need About Area Rug Materials

It is essential to select the right kind of area rug materials that suits the style of your home. Size of a rug ranges from covering a small area to taking up a majority of your floor space, which is why it is important to pick the right material. An area rug’s material affects its overall texture, longevity, design, and more. You must opt for an area rug material that will suit not only the room interior but your lifestyle as well.

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Natural Area Rug Materials

With the growing rate of global warming and pollution, Earth isn’t exactly a wonderland. By using natural or eco-friendly materials, you’ll be able to lessen the damage in your little way and own an exquisite piece of rug for your home. Here are some eco-friendly area rug materials that you can use:

1. Wood Sisal Rugs or Wool Rugs

If you prefer pieces that are blended with wool, a Wood Sisal rug is an excellent choice. It is soft for your underfoot, naturally resists stains, and provides natural insulation. It’s made from enduring and eco-friendly wool blend material; just the right mix for you.

2. Polyester Rugs

A rug made from one hundred percent polyester material, stain-resistant, is soft enough for you to walk while being bare feet.

3. Leather Rugs

A huge fan of leather? Great news, for leather rugs, are eco-friendly! It is made from natural leather and excellent for aesthetic design purposes. It’s soft and allows you to walk barefoot, but most of all, it fits people who live in industrial areas.

4. Polypropylene Rugs

Stain-resistant and requires only a short amount of time to be cleaned — these rugs are made from one hundred percent Polypropylene and is durable despite its affordable cost. Like most rugs, Polypropylene rugs are soft to touch and lets you walk around while bare feet.

5. Cotton Rugs

Cotton rugs are made from either a one hundred percent cotton material or a cotton blend. It’s soft enough to enable anyone to pass or walk through without getting hurt. Also, it’s an excellent choice for those with low to medium traffic areas.

6. Jute Rugs

Jute Rugs are made from eco-friendly jute materials and is proven to be stain-resistant. They are incredibly durable and fits people who have high traffic areas. And of course, these area rug materials are undyed and made of natural colors only.

7. Sisal Rugs

These rugs are known as fire-retardant, anti-static, and sound-absorbing type of rugs. These rugs are made from one hundred percent eco-friendly sisal. This material makes them sturdy and lasts long in high traffic areas.

8. Seagrass Rugs

Seagrass rugs are made from eco-friendly seagrass materials and are stain-resistant. Similar to Jute Rugs, this kind of rugs are undyed and maintains its natural colors. It suits areas that involve high traffic and is durable enough to last for a long time.

These are just some of the highly recommended area rug materials that you can use on your room and house interiors. You can choose from this variety to match the style of your interior plan, minus the “harming the planet” factor.


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