Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Choosing the Best Loft Insulation Installers in Hampshire 

Getting insulation installed in your loft has the potential to save your hundreds of pounds in energy bills each year. When installed correctly, a loft insulation lasts for up to 40 years, so you’ll make your money back in no time if you choose to have the work done in your home by a reliable installation company. 

Of course, choosing the best loft insulation installers in Hampshire is like any building work – it can be hit or miss. There are certainly many reliable loft insulation installers in Hampshire that will complete the work to a high standard and help save you hundreds of pounds over the years. 

Here’s how to choose the best loft insulation installers in Hampshire:

Ask for Recommendations 

A tried and tested method for finding any reliable tradesmen – ask someone you know for a recommendation! If any friends, relatives, or colleagues have had their loft insulated then be sure to ask them about the company they used.

By getting a recommendation, you can find out everything you need about the company to determine their suitability. For instance, you can ask how long the work took, whether there were any issues, the overall quality of work, and how good a service the installers provided. 

Check Online for Reviews 

While you should always take online reviews with a pinch of salt, especially if they come directly from the installation company’s website, there are many resources available that let you see how reliable the company is. 

For example, MyBuilder is a website where you can find quotes from insulation installers, read reviews from previous customers, and view all their qualifications. 

There are various sites such as this that screen traders to determine their reliability, customer service and standard of work, so be sure to check these to find reviews and other information on any loft insulation installers in Hampshire. 

Look for Accreditation 

Any loft insulation installers in Hampshire that have professional accreditation are typically more reliable than those that don’t. This is because membership to professional trade organisations come with strict requirements and codes of conducts, so cowboy builders and unreputable installers tend to lack much accreditation. 

There are many types of accreditation to look for from insulation installers, so the more the company has the better. Some of the recommended insulation accreditation to look for your your installers include the National Insulation Association (NIA), Green Deal Installer (GDI), and British Board of Agrément (BBA). 

NIA accreditation highlights a high standard of work regarding all forms of insulation work, making it one of the more important forms of accreditation to look for from your installer, while BBA is one of the major construction certification bodies, so any installer with this should guarantee a high standard of construction work. 

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