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Commercial Door Repair Toronto, Hamilton

Commercial doors and dock levelers are vital pieces of equipment that your facility cannot afford to have inoperable. They repair all types of doors such as commercial and industrial. Wilcox understands the need to diagnose issues quickly and get your operation back up and running. It is having technicians that are familiar with repairing and replacing parts, can have your business back up and running quickly.

Other Equipment Repair Service

These master technicians are familiar with several manufacturers and their products. Wilcox equipment repair service knowledge goes far beyond door repair.

Commercial Door Repair Toronto, Hamilton are capable of repairs to, HVLS Fans, security gates, fire-rated doors, steel doors, air curtains, dock seals, truck restraint and other facility equipment that can be completed on the initial visit. They have several certified technicians that come from the food, pharmaceutical or automotive industry which provides a unique insight on how to repair your equipment effectively.

The importance of facility equipment repairs

This means maintaining commonly used commercial overhead door hardware parts in stock on all of their service vehicles. Signing up for preventative maintenance, emergency services costs, loading dock repairs costs and other unexpected building maintenance costs can be avoided. If you want installation quotes to get a fast and friendly estimate below.

  • Safety – Commercial door repair is a piece of equipment that has the potential to harm staff or customers.
  • Downtime costs – If loading dock repairs are not completed properly they can lead to complete replacement which can have costly delays.

Common Commercial Facility Repairs

Commercial equipment repair service requires knowledgeable technicians and durable hardware to maximize longevity and ensure safe operation. Facility equipment such as large commercial overhead doors, HVLS fans, dock seals and dock levelers are items that need to be immediately repaired when they go down. Wilcox technicians can also monitor the parts that need replacing and notify you. When it comes to facility equipment repairs & general maintenance services on your garage doors and loading docks in Wilcox Door Service can handle it. There are some common repairs facilities the following:

  • Sectional Door Repairs

Damaged sectional doors can be a recurring problem in any facility. Commonly, sectional door repairs are a more apparent problem in the colder months but fortunately, most repairs can be completed promptly with minimal downtime

  • Worn Overhead Door Parts

Overhead door springs are a vital part of an overhead door.  They are responsible for opening your doors and if they are maintained improperly, the door can cause serious harm to your staff.

  • Loading Dock Repair

Lip not retracting – There can be several reasons why a loading dock is not retracting but it is a definite safety concern that can lead to slow downtime.

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