Thu. Feb 20th, 2020

Common Plumbing Issues to Watch Out For  

Plumbing issues are often spontaneous, and if not addressed in time, they can compromise the comfort of your living space. As such, it is vital to learn some common plumbing issues and when to engage competent plumbers Austin TX.

Here are some of the issues to watch out for:

Low water pressure

When water only trickles from a tap where it used to gush, this is a clear sign of a plumbing issue. While the issue could be related to the local water supply, there is a chance that the faucet aerators have sediment buildups or mineral deposits. Removing and cleaning the aerator can help to manage the issue. In case it does not solve the problem, you should consider calling in a plumber as this may be a more serious issue.

Dripping faucets

Dripping faucets will not only waste water but also result in high water bills. One of the common causes of the plumbing issue is stiff or worn out washers. Although it is possible to replace the washers on your own, a proper job will require the use of specialized tools. Leaving the job to the best plumbers Austin TX will ensure quality services that will minimize the chances of the problem recurring.

Pipe Leaks

This makes for one of the most common and costly plumbing issues. Just like dripping faucets, leaking pipes can waste a lot of water if there is no intervention. It is important to know the signs that could indicate the presence of leaks along your pipes. Most homeowners can fix pipe leaks temporarily using a rubber sheet or leak tape. However, since leaks usually happen at joints, only a professional plumber will get the leaks permanently fixed.

Running toilets

A running toilet will not only be costly but will also cause a lot of frustration. A faulty flapper valve is the most common cause of a running toilet, making it difficult to control the water passing from the tank to the bowl. In some cases, toilet runs can also occur if there is sediment affecting flushing and filling.

Clogged drains

If the water that goes into your sink, toilet, or tub does not get down as expected, there could be a partial or complete clog in your plumbing system. With basic plumbing knowledge, you will be able to sort out the issue using a plunger. However, you should consider calling a professional plumber in case you have clogged drains regularly.

Apart from carrying out repairs, it would be important to have an expert inspect your plumbing system from time to time.


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