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Different types of Drapes available to be customized

Personalized and custom drapes are the perfect addition to your interior design. You choose the dimensions entirely, to perfectly suit your windows, and you can also choose to print on curtains with or without lining. The hanging can be done with eyelets, staples or a rod pocket.

The curtains can serve only as an ornament or have a technical utility: the curtains are available in different sizes, shapes, materials. You can get them customized to create privacy and protect the view; curtains are also convenient for reducing light in interiors.

Let’s see the different types of custom drapes.

The Maid-Woman Curtains

The maid-woman curtains are always presented in pairs. They have the particularity of being folded down on the sides with tie – backs. You can get these custom drapes depending upon the dimensions of your windows and doors.

Double Curtains

The double curtains are made from an opaque fabric such as thick fabrics, jacquards or velvets. They have the particularity of being lined with a blackout, insulating or fabric that is resistant to UV rays, but also moonlight.


The windbreak is a half-curtain stretched over the lower part of the window. It is usually designed in organza or cheesecloth, which gives it a slightly transparent and very fluid side. The windbreaks are often decorated with decorative embroidery. The edge is scalloped, i.e. embroidered to form a small wave. This allows the material to be cut flush without it fraying. The windbreaks are attached to the windows by small round or flat rods, about 1 cm in diameter.


The macramé are small curtain a little thick. They are easily recognized by their braided and knotted cotton threads. The macramé curtains arise in different ways. Either with hooks as in the photo below or on a rod.

Roller Blinds

The Roller blinds are swathes of fabric a little stiff. The fabrics used are more or less thick, depending on the desired darkening percentage. These blinds are mounted on a special mechanism; it wraps the fabric around a rod. This type of mechanism can be installed on the wall or the ceiling.

Boat Blinds

The boat blinds are classic and timeless. They adapt to any decor. Usually made of light fabric, it is made up of horizontal rods arranged at equal distances.

Japanese Blinds

The Japanese blinds also called Japanese walls are curtains that slide to the side and overlap one behind the other. If used in front of windows, they can also act as a separation between two rooms. The Japanese custom drapes are also handy to hide storage space.

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