Sat. Dec 10th, 2022

Driveway Resurfacing: What Are My Options?

There is a point when driveway repairs become so extensive that a complete resurfacing project seems to make more sense. You might be fed up with that old tarmac driveway, or are looking for an elegant driveway for your new build, and here are a few of the popular materials that are used to create stunning driveways.

  • Concrete (Exposed Aggregate) – Definitely the most popular with Australian homeowners, ready-mixed concrete offers a wide range of colours and finishes. Check out some of the exposed aggregate driveways in Melbourne and you will see just how many variations there are, and with exposed aggregate, the stones or pebbles are premixed, ensuring there are no loose stones. The aggregate could be coarse, as with small pebbles, or a finer finish that you would get from using crushed stones, and with your choice of colour, you have a surface that is non-slip and very durable.
  • Plain or Textured Concrete – If the idea of exposed aggregate doesn’t excite you, how about a textured finish using plain concrete? The skilled technicians that install concrete driveways have very special hand tools that can create a unique range of finishes, which is great if you fancy something a little different. They can match any colour you like, and as the colour oxide is pre-mixed, you get a very even colour distribution.
  • Block Paving – While this is a rather costly way to resurface your driveway, a block paving finish is both stunning and very durable. There’s no end of patterns and designs, especially if you use more than one colour. The important aspect of installing a block paving driveway is the ground preparation, and a solid concrete base is recommended.
  • Asphalt – A firm favourite, asphalt needs to be at least 4 inches thick, otherwise it will crack after a couple of years and weeds would start to sprout. If installed correctly, an asphalt driveway offers a durable, non-slip surface that is easy to keep clean by using a high-pressure water cleaner. It is not everyone’s favourite, especially when you can have a concrete drive for a similar cost, and if you do decide on asphalt, make sure the supplier has a good name in the business.
  • Stone Pavers – Stone pavers used to be very popular, although heavy vehicles will no doubt cause some movement, and many homeowners opt for a concrete driveway that has lines cut into the surface, making it look like paving, yet you have the strength of a solid concrete foundation. There are many different designs, and you also have the choice of man-made or natural stone, which is much more expensive, but it does give a stunning finish.

Whatever material you choose, do ask the supplier for a few local references, where you can inspect their work and talk to the house occupants about the installation. If you take the time to drive around Melbourne, you will notice that exposed aggregate concrete is a very popular choice, and for good reason, as it ticks all the boxes from the homeowner’s perspective.


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