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Going Green: Easy and Pain-free Ways to Have A Green Home

Despite the numerous benefits to the environment, many people shy away from or are downright reluctant about the notion of having a green (environmentally-friendly and conscious) household. This is partly due to the fact perception that you’d have to make drastic and inconvenient changes just to go green. It also doesn’t help that many of the green advocates with green homes you see in the news or in social media are business moguls, actors, and millionaires, nor that the common folk who have green homes are often seen cultivating and maintaining backyard farms.

Although making those very drastic changes in home design and lifestyle is indeed an option, they’re pretty much the extremes of the spectrum. In other words, there are other much simpler and pain-free changes and ways you can have a green home.

Save Energy

This is as much an economic tip as it is an environmentally-beneficial one; by saving energy, you’re able to reduce your utility expenses while decreasing power plant emissions — most power plants use coal, fossil fuels, and crude oil which contribute in air pollution. Reducing your energy use means that power plants don’t need to generate as much energy.

You can do so by making sure to unplug every appliance that isn’t in use, utilizing CFL lightbulbs that last longer and use 75% less energy and improve home insulation by having drapes and window coverings that help cool down your house and prevent your heating or cooling system from overworking.

Close the Gaps

In relation to the previous tip, you can prevent your HVAC system from working too hard just to keep your house at a comfortable temperature by making sure that your windows, doors, and walls are free from drafts or cracks where cold air can escape. To caulk or use weather stripping to prevent these issues. Don’t forget to inspect and replace your garage door’s weather stripping as well.

No Shoes Indoors

Enforcing a “no shoes inside” rule is a minor lifestyle change that can help you out in more ways than one. First off, having a designated area in the front door for shoe removal and storage, then having house slippers instead can be a lot more comfortable, and allows your feet to air out after a long day at work. Secondly, this prevents dirt, chemicals, water, and other substances from staining and dirtying your home. Subsequently, this means that you no longer need to constantly clean the floor which, in turn, results in lesser usage of water and cleaning chemicals. As such, a no shoes indoors policy can help keep your house clean, make you feel a lot more comfortable, and reduce water wastage and pollution from cleaning agents.

Use Soft Water

Getting water softener for your Provo home can have many benefits. For one, it ensures that your plumbing system doesn’t build up scale and mineral deposits, ensuring that it lasts long. It improves the efficiency and effectiveness of cleaning products so you’d require less dish cleaning liquids, laundry detergents, bath soap, and shampoo — allowing you to save up on these cleaning products and reduce the amount of environmentally-harmful and water-polluting chemicals used.


Having a green home doesn’t have to equate to inconvenient, drastic, expensive, or time-consuming changes. You don’t have to undergo a metamorphosis just to reduce your house’s carbon footprint and environmental impact, by simply following these tips, you can start making a difference towards preserving our environment and maybe even save some money along the way.

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