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Loft Conversion Builders

If you have a question, whether your loft space is suitable for conversion? Yes! It can be converted into rooms if your roof space isn’t tall enough. It is also based on numerous factors like available head height, roof pitch, roof structure, and obstacles such as water tanks or chimney tanks. In this article, you can find some useful information about a loft conversion.

Types of Loft Conversion

You can convert the empty attic space into a functional space using loft conversion. The types of loft conversion depend on the number of factors like type and age of the house you live in, and the budget. There are 4 types of loft conversion. They are mentioned below:

  • Roof Light Conversions
  • Dormer Conversions
  • Hip-to-gable Conversions
  • Mansard Conversions

Roof Light Conversions

It is the less disruptive and cheapest option of the loft conversion. You need not make any changes to the shape or pitch of the roof. You can add skylight windows, lay down a proper floor, and add a staircase to make the room habitable. The roof space should be more for this type of conversion.

Dormer Conversion

The extension protrudes from the slope of the roof for this type of conversion. Flat-roof dormer is the best choice of conversion. If your house has a sloping roof, this is a suitable idea. They are less expensive compared to other types of conversion and add a good deal of extra headroom and floor space.

Hit-to-gable Conversion

You can extend the sloping “hip’ roof at the side of your home outwards to create a vertical ‘gable’ wall. It creates more internal loft space. It is only suitable for detached or semi-detached houses because it requires a free sloping side roof. You can create a more spacious double hip-to-gable extension in your detached house.

Mansard Conversions

This extension travel along the entire length of the roof of your house and will make your roof look vertical because it will alter the angle of the roof slope. They are expensive and will result in a significant amount of extra space. They are more suitable for terraced, semi-detached and detached houses.

Builder for Loft Conversion

If you are looking for builders for the loft conversion, ask your friends and family and search online to see if there are any local platforms offering recommendations. After contacting the builder, ask them to see examples of their work. If you are looking for a loft conversion builder specialist. They have a good reputation in the industry. They have the most trustworthy and reliable loft conversion experts. They communicate with the client throughout the entire conversion process.



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