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Five Tips to Help You Choose Decorative Lamps for Your Home

It is widely acknowledged that light is an indispensable part of our home. Nowadays, the lamp is not only a lighting tool but also a great decoration which can create a comfortable home. Fancy decorative lamps can also bring you a lot of joy and relaxation. More importantly, the combination of lamps of different colors and designs can add a vibrant touch to your home. So, if you want to keep everything well-proportioned in your house, just be careful with the choice of the lamps! But how exactly can you choose decorative lamps? Here are five suggestions for you.

  1. Know different kinds of lamps.

Generally speaking, different rooms come with different kinds of decorative lamps. Knowing the characteristics of lamps can better help you decorate your home. For example, a large and ornate chandelier can visually expand your living room. Another example is that a bright table lamp is usually placed in the study to create a more brilliant place for studying or working. Wall lamps with warm light are often needed in the dining room because they can build a pleasant dining atmosphere. The bedroom can be decorated with several different lamps. As for the bathroom or kitchen, a top lamp is a better choice because it is easy to clean and protect the lamp bulb. What excites you is that Brlighting launched ODE TO JOY series, among which you can find all these decorative lamps.

  1. Consider the overall effect of the house.

As an essential part of your house, lamps should be taken into consideration when you decorate your home. Colors, shapes, and styles of decorative lamps must correspond to the interior design of the house. Besides, the lamp should be neither too big nor too small in harmony with the house. To give you an idea, if your house is in a simple style, you can try the ODE TO JOY series which has little flashy elements. The designers drew their inspiration from the great symphony named ODE TO JOY composed by Beethoven. Simple and modern, this fantastic series can take your house to the next level with little investment.

  1. Be careful with product safety.

This is the most important thing you should be aware of. When you choose a lamp, first check its quality assurance to see whether or not it is complete. As a rule of thumb, the most expensive one is not necessarily the best, but the cheap one is always bad. It is often the case that these lamps have endless hidden danger which involves serious consequences once a fire breaks out. For this reason, you’d better buy a lamp with anti-shock protection device to prevent electric shock. You should also pay attention to the cross-sectional area of conductors used in the lamp and its accessories. These are all related to the potential danger of fire. In this case, big companies like Brlighting are pretty trustworthy. It has over 20 years of experience in lighting design and manufacturing, ensuring the superior-quality products and best services.

  1. Pay attention to the health effects of light.

In addition to light effect, size and product safety, you’d better pay particular attention to the health effects of light. First, the light should not be dazzling. Second, it must satisfy the functional requirements of the place, that is, whether it is bright and beautiful. Third, light must fulfill people’s psychological requirements, such as the effect of color temperature and brightness on people’s emotions, as well as the harmony of light and shadow. Therefore, a good lamp with healthy light like ODE TO JOY series is essential for home decoration.

  1. Calculate your budget.

Last but not least, the budget is what you need to pay due attention to. At the very beginning, you should save up sufficient money to avoid an unexpected situation. Think about that. It is ridiculous that your shabby lamps are out of place in the midst of other luxurious furniture? For this reason, you should focus on your budget and choose the right light for your home.

All in all, decorative lamps can decide the comfort and grade of your living environment. A house with appropriate lamps is more livable. If there is a series of decorative lamps that we totally recommend, it must be ODE TO JOY series. You don’t want to miss it!

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