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Furnace Maintenance Tips

As the mercury drops and it becomes essential to put on several layers before you step outside the house, one important thing to take care is your home heating system. Home is the only place where you can feel warm, comfortable, and snugly as long as the heating system works fine. No wonder, furnace, and heating system maintenance companies are in high demand as the cold season approaches. In this article, we will discuss a few furnace maintenance tips and advice to ensure that the heating system keeps working in top-notch condition.

Forgetting to schedule annual maintenance

Who thinks about the cold chilly days when it’s pleasant and welcoming outside? There’s a high chance that you may forget to schedule the annual furnace maintenance on time, and this could become a reason for the unexpected breakdown of your furnace. Routine inspection and maintenance work are extremely important to help the appliance operate more efficiently.

Dirty or clogged filters

Dirt or dust in the air filters can cause it to clog and reduce the airflow considerably, making it harder for the furnace to circulate air. A clogged filter may also impact the functioning of the limit switch that controls the fan.

Wear and tear

Normal wear and tear throughout the season may cause some airflow issues in the heating system. Some of the common problems associated with furnace include overheating, heat control issues, and so on.

Electric ignition or pilot-control issues

The presence of faulty ignition can make it hard to properly heat a residential space or commercial area in cold winter days. The unlit pilot light issues are mainly caused by clogs in the appliance or thermocouple issues.

Malfunctioning thermostat

This is another common issue that is associated with a faulty thermostat, and this may lead to issues with the furnace fan or comfort levels.

No heating in the furnace

No marks for guessing that a thermostat is meant to heat the surroundings to make you feel comfortable. However, if the furnace fails to perform its primary task, this indicates some problem with the pilot light, thermostat setting, or power.

When the furnace does not heat properly

Besides a clogged filter, another reason for the furnace not heating enough could be due to the wrong space size.

Frequent cycling of the furnace

If the heating system frequently cycles between the on and off modes, then this may also indicate improper airflow, clogged filter, or bad thermostat setting. Blower running continuously: If there are any issues with the blower, this may signify problems with the limit switch, and you will need to call a professional to fix this immediately.

The furnace makes too much noise

In general, the heating system should make low noise while operating, and if you can hear rattling, rumbling or squeaking noises, then these aren’t normal. These sounds indicate a mechanical issue, clogged burner, or airflow problems.

When To Call A Professional Furnace Repair Expert

Sometimes troubleshooting may not be enough to fix a problem, and you may need an expert’s furnace repair help and guidance. Some things are best left to the trained individuals, so do not hesitate to contact a professional HVAC contractor to ensure that your heating system works in the best possible condition.

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