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Great Ways to Remodel the Exterior of a Home


When people think of home remodeling, they generally envision altering the interior of the house even though upgrading the exterior is just as important. Installing new windows, doors, siding, or roofing are all remodeling projects that instantly improve the curb appeal as well as the value of a home. Hiring the best home improvement company is key to getting outstanding results since they bring with them experience, craftsmanship, and guaranteed work. With just a little research and some free estimates, homeowners can quickly deduce which company will best meet their remodeling needs without breaking the bank.

A New Exterior Covering Leads to Reduced Upkeep

Many homes need a facelift because they still have old, faded aluminum or wood siding with peeling paint. Remodeling the exterior with vinyl siding eliminates these problems since it repels ultraviolet light, a property that helps prevent fading, peeling, or chips in the finish. The material is also water-resistant and can be cleaned easily with soap and water to help prohibit any chance of rot as well as the growth of mold or algae. The siding comes in a handful of baked-in colors and rarely requires maintenance, making it the perfect product to update and enhance a home’s exterior finish.

Keep a Consistent Temperature Indoors with Specialized Vinyl Siding

Another benefit vinyl siding installation brings to an older home is the additional insulating properties. Insulation wasn’t added to home exteriors for several decades resulting in no extra thermal barrier between the siding and outer wall. This prompted companies like Erie Construction to offer an energy-efficient vinyl design with an attached thermal underlayer. The underlayer provides additional protection from the elements and works in conjunction with the inner wall insulation to increase energy efficiency and create better indoor climate control.

Windows Provide More Benefits than One Imagines

A further way to enhance the facade of a house and save money is through the replacement of outdated windows. Older windows warp and get askew, which lets in a lot of drafts around the edges. They were also built with basic glass pains that contain none of the specialized features found in today’s models. When new windows are installed, the frame construction forms a better insulation from the outside temperature while the Low-e glass filters out UV rays to help control radiant heat, factors which lead to decreased utility costs. Additionally, the insulating benefits of the windows significantly reduce the amount of noise that one hears while inside to help create a more peaceful environment.

Remodeling Doesn’t Have to be Out of Financial Reach

Some people who desperately need an exterior remodel constantly put it off because they don’t have a way to pay for it. Fortunately, companies like Erie Construction offer financing plans that cover the cost of the construction and divide the final bill into multiple, affordable payments. Homeowners just need to fill out and submit an online form so that a representative can evaluate the cost of the project along with various financing plans to find the best qualifying rate for the customer.


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