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Here are the questions that you should ask the rooking company

Make it a priority to ensure that the roof technician whom you hire to either replace or to repair the roof is able to answer the questions about their licenses and insurance and also about the location. These are some questions that you should not skip when you are about to hire the roof technician to get the job done for you. If the job is of a poor quality then this will only lead to costly repairs and then leaks in the future, In turn it will lead to more time wasted and more money spent. So before you hire one for the Skylight installation make sure that the company is genuine.

Details of the company

 A professional roofing company who will be ready to do the Skylight installation for you will have nothing to hide. Ask for their company name and address so that you are aware of the physical location of the company. If the company operates without any physical location then it could be a cause of concern.
You may either want to check their past work through their recommendations to move to interviewing some other company. It is best however if you look at the genuine sites that let you get contact details of roofing companies and then hire one that is physically based in and around your area.


The roofing contractors would have the required licenses and insurance in place. They should have the workman compensation and the liability insurance. It will make sure that the homeowner that is you is protected in case of any accident in your property when the technicians are at work. In case the employee from the roofing company gets injured when he is working in your property then the compensation makes sure that you are not liable to pay anything. The liability ensures that you are protected in case of any damage that is caused by the employee when he was carrying out the roof replacement or the roof repair.

If the roofing company does not have the workman’s compensation then the owner of the house will be responsible to pay for any medical bills and any other costs that are incurred because of the employee getting injured in his property. The homeowner’s insurance that you have does not cover for these costs and thus you will be totally responsible to pay for these costs.

Are they ready to give everything in writing

A roofing project is not something that you can undertake just by the promise made from the mouth. You want everything in writing. In case of something that goes wrong then the contractor may deny the liability because there is no evidence that he said something in the past. So you need to make sure that you get everything in writing from the contractor. All the details about what you have spoken with the contractor should be written down and signed by both the parties. If things are well documented then it will ensure that there is no misunderstanding going forward.

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