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Home Exterior Elements that can Be Safely Power Washed

Power washing is an excellent way to scrub and wash dirty, mold, stains, and grime away from your home’s exterior. However, power washing is not applicable to all elements of your home. Water can be harmful to some parts of your home. Also, other areas must not be subjected to the pressure that a power washing brings to bear. For instance, an outdoor electrical outlet could blast it open and blow off its protective rubber seal. Below are the elements of your home’s exterior that can be power-washed:

Concrete and Brick

 These home elements are strong and can resist water. Even if power washing can blow a chipped piece away or round out a corner of your concrete and brick, it is not a big deal. These elements are prone to mold growth and power washing can eliminate them properly. Power washing professionals from Zachs Power Washing will ensure not to spray in-ground electrical elements. Also, they are aware that your draining system may need help with draining after they complete their job. While power washing concrete and brick may seem simple, it is often best to leave the job to the experts.

Vinyl Siding

Your vinyl siding is tough and water-proof and power washing it will eliminate cobwebs, mud, and dust. It should be washed from the top down using a consistent motion. Professional power washers will not spray door casings and windows directly. Also, they don’t spray up into the soffits or the panels’ lower edges. Although vinyl is known for being a tough material, it is light and pliant which makes it easy to get water under it when the wrong angle is hit.

Painted Surfaces

Painted surfaces in your home’s exterior can be power washed when the paint is in good condition. Professionals who offer power washing services will make use of a lower pressure setting to ensure your painted surfaces are not damaged. Power washing can also be a preliminary step if you are looking to apply a fresh coat to an old paint job.


Wood that is to be stained can be power washed. But, soft and treated wood must not be cleaned this way unless you want to refinish it. Rough surfaces like a fence or old barn can be power washed to improve them. But, it’s important to keep in mind that paint chips which come loose may be harmful to the environment and can harm plants, kids, and pets that come into contact with them.

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