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How To Clean Mold Naturally And Keep Yourself Safe

Do you everything that is happening in your home? You might be partially nodding with a little bit flummox in your mind. You might be aware of the laundry you have to do, the cupboard you have to clean. But I can say that most of you have no idea that in a few coming days, you have to find some time to clean mold. Yes, it is a type of fungus that thrives on moisture. These are small organisms that can be of any color like white, black, green, purple, orange, etc. You can find them indoors as well as outdoors. They reproduce through lightweight spores traveled through the air. 

You might be surprised to know that you get exposed to mold every day. But their presence in a small amount might not have got your instant attention. They accelerate to grow when they land on a damp spot.

Health Issues Mold Can Create

The worst part is that they release spores which you would breathe in resulting in various health issues. You can get sick by inhaling those spores. The health issues related to mold are allergies and asthma. Infection is one of the most affected things. You might have an increased risk of bronchitis and respiratory infections. Chemical emissions can lead to athlete’s foot and thrush, pulmonary hemorrhage fungal infections. You can hire Mundae Cleaning & Restoration Services in Houston for mold removal service.

Preventing and eliminating become need of the hour. You can save your basement, bathroom, and kitchen which you have constructed with your very hard-earned money. There are many ways to clean mold with natural cleaners. You can say goodbye to all the year-round allergies and respiratory illnesses. Let us see:

What will you require to prepare natural cleaners for mold? 

  • Vinegar
  • Scrub brush
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Spray bottle
  • Rubber gloves

Make sure you wear protective gloves to protect your hands from any sort of damages. 

  1. Vinegar: This mild acid holds the power to kill 82% of mols species. If not available, you can use baking soda as it would kill different mold species. 

Recipe To Kill Mold: To kill mold, use white distilled vinegar and then pour it into the spray bottle. Use that to spray the vinegar on the affected mold surface and then leave it untouched for an hour. Wipe it, clean with fresh water and then let it dry. 


  1. Hydrogen Peroxide: You can use this anti-fungal and anti-viral solution to kill mold on floors, walls, kitchen appliances, and bathroom fixtures.

Recipe To Kill Mold: Take 3% concentration hydrogen peroxide and pour it into a spray bottle. Saturate it and then leave it for ten minutes. Remove the area by scrubbing it. Wipe and get a mold-free surface.


These are non-toxic solutions that can help you naturally clean mold from the surface. They are very safe for the environment and you too. Also, all the products used are inexpensive and easily accessible in the market. The tips can make you mold cleanup specialist in Houston. 

So, all set to clean up all your surfaces very effectively? 

Pull up your socks.


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