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How to Get Rid of Ants in Your House 

Ants have a way of getting into every household. Cracks, holes and torn window screens are only a few of the most common ways ants infiltrate homes every year. Regardless of how these pests make it into your home, ant control is not as difficult as it seems.

There are several methods for keeping these creepy critters out of your home and preventing them from sharing your food stores. Here are some of the best ways to begin your ant extermination.

  1. Food Sources

If you have any food lying around the house such as dinner plates from the night before, old crumbs swept in the corner or stale water left sitting in small puddles, now is the time to clean it up. If food and water sources are eliminated, ants (and other pests, too!) will have no reason to venture into your home. Consider adopting a schedule to wash your dishes, vacuum the floors, and wipe up your kitchen countertops.

Even food left in “unsealed” cereal boxes and other open food containers can attract ants. An easy way to solve this issue is to grab an airtight container and simply transfer the food. Once the food is sealed, it won’t attract pests any longer.

Once all of your food sources are properly sealed and unable to attract unwanted pests, you can move on to the next step of ant control.

  1. Sprays and Solutions

Commercially available insecticides and pesticides are the go-to for ant extermination, but those don’t always work. They also aren’t environmentally friendly, and they aren’t always safe for you and your family. To circumvent this issue, many people make natural sprays and solutions.

Some natural solutions for ants include the following:

• One part vinegar to one part water
o If you spray this solution wherever you’ve located an ant trail, it will kill the trail and any ants accompanying it

• Mint
o Scattering mint around the perimeter of your house is a great way to deter ants in the present and the future

• One part lemon juice to three parts water
o Equally as effective as the vinegar and water solution

As soon as you’ve set up these natural barriers to repel and exterminate the ants, there is one final step.

  1. Seal the Entrance

After cleaning up leftover food and using your preferred method of ant control in step two, the last step is to seal the entrance where the ants are coming into your home. If you have no way to seal the crack or hole, you can always set up a trap using the natural solutions suggested above, but closing the entrance is a guarantee that you’ll no longer have ants coming through that specific area.

There are a variety of different cracks, holes, and tears where ants can come into your home. Checking any open entrance such as the front door or sliding windows is a solid start. Torn window screens are a common reason for ant infestations and other pests. Doors that aren’t properly fitted or have warped over the years can also be problematic. After identifying any open holes, cracks or tears, you can proceed to seal the problem area.

If the previous methods have not worked for you, it’s imperative to call in a professional who can assist you in freeing your home from these unwanted intruders. Ace Pest Control is reliable in assisting with pest and ant extermination. For more information about them, you can access their website here


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