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How To Incorporate Minimalist Design Into Your Household


Although over the top style certainly has a place in some people’s homes, there’s no doubt that minimalist design flourishes are a much more timeless and often more effective approach to interior design. This is due to minimalism introducing simple, uncluttered and clean looks by design, which never fails to turn heads despite the comparatively lacking aesthetic. It is often because of the lack of punch that people might think that minimalism isn’t enough for a home, but we tend to disagree. In this article, we take a look at why minimalism should be your go-to design choice, and how to incorporate it into your home.

The fundamentals of minimalism

When consulting with home interior designers in Brisbane, one of the first things you’ll learn is how important it is to make the most of the space you have. This often means use of the architectural space itself, where interior archways, walls or mantles and fireplaces can be made to emphasise the structural design choices that already exist in a house, rather than hide or mask them. This can be taken to the next level by rearranging your room around a specific focal point, such as a particularly aesthetic window, by organising the furniture in the room to draw the eye of those that enter the room to the focal point. Similarly, introducing a wide variety of objects – think mismatched pieces of furniture, picture frames and similar objects randomly strewn about the place and cords everywhere the eye can see – can contribute significantly to a restless mind, as clutter often does. Minimalism, in a way, is the feeling after cleaning an untidy room – simplicity works wonders to introduce a sense of calmness and control. To enable this, only include essential furniture items in any given room in your house.

More minimalist touches you should consider

As you might imagine, lashings of bright, vibrant colours don’t mesh particularly well with minimalist design. Instead, you should be focusing on making the most of different shades of blacks, whites and greys, introducing varying amounts of texture and shades to each to vary their presentation. There’s a simple way to quickly tell if your room succeeds as a minimalist design – make sure to carefully consider what purpose every element has in the context of your room, and if every object has a distinct purpose. Oftentimes, people get used to clutter when a whole lot of it is unnecessary, and it’s only when close observation occurs that they realise they need none of it. If your room is highly functional but seems bereft of atmosphere, you might consider adding more texture, as we touched on just before. In this case, surface level additions can offer the same depth as objects but without the clutter.

Minimalism might be the design choice you need

Perhaps the best thing about minimalist design is that people can do a lot with very little – minimalist design relies heavily on the architecture of your space and the essential elements that make up your house, rather than the intense lashings of style, which means that its often much easier to pull of minimalism than you might think. If you’ve been feeling cluttered in mind and body, perhaps redesigning your home in a minimalist style is the change you need to clear your head.

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