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How to keep the pests under control during winter?

Winter season is the opening door for many pests. For the weather change, pests will seek food and shelter.  These pests annoying the house members while wriggling around your home in the winter season. If you understand how to prevent pests. It will be easy to control the pests and to maintain your home safe in Winter. If you are looking for the affordable pest control company in London, Then Pest Exterminators will be the best choice for you.

Why pests seeks resident During winter?

Snowfall and foggy climate threaten pests for food and shelter and it allows to attempt entry to your home for warmness.

The common type of pests seeking your home for the winter season is a cockroach, ant, and spiders because they lots their residence and start searching for a new warm area to rebuild their home.

How to Prevent pests Entry to your home During Winter

  1. Bolster your Gates

 To prevent unwanted insects during the winter season is to build-up blockades around the door and make sure to seal the extra fill air gap between the sides of the door. This prevents pests entry to your houses from the bottom line for the door.

  1. Check your basement area

Check your House basement and exterior openings, if you find any gaps as an entry point, seal it with mud or cement.

  1. Make your firewood dry

Keeping your firewoods dry in the winter season helps to keep your home bug free.

  1. Repair damaged window 

Some insects like mosquitoes infect home through the window gap. So inspect all the windows and glass and curtains clip and ensure there are no mild openings.

  1. Regular Trash clean

Waste food easily attracts pests. To control the pests during the winter is an important factor to check out the garbage collection around your home and clean the all trashes in a regular routine

Control measures to keep pest away

We saw the prevention method for pest entry into the house now check the control measure to keep away the pests in organic control methods

The organic method of pest control

Natural plants

Planting some natural grains either outdoor or indoor prevents pests entry.  The natural species emits an aromatic smell that affects the pests and avoids them to cause damage in your home. The plants are Aloe vera, lemongrass, lavender, basil, mint, and some citrus plants. Keep in to maintain them properly.

Aromatic oils

The strong odor comes from the aromatic natural oils draw pests away after the application or sprayed on the affected area. The oils may be like neem oil, lemon oil, lavender oil.

Use kitchen items

With the help of kitchen ingredients, you can control the pests in your home. The most effective and common one is cinnamon and bay leaves.

Make a powder of cinnamon sticks and bay leaves. Mix with warm water and transfer the mixture into the spray bottle and now spray over the pests wherever you see.

You can also use baking soda to sprinkle on each corner to control the pests in your home during winter.

Pest control tools

Pest control tools are available both indoor and outdoor such as rodent catchers, mosquito nets, electric insect catchers. Keep these tools in your residence to make the control of pests in your home during winter.

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