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Latest Trends in Chandelier Lighting

If you are looking for changing the taste and feel of your home and interior design without spending much effort, lighting is the right place to start.

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Interior lighting is the central element of a home as they usually create a focal point whenever you use it. You can manipulate the atmosphere of your home by changing the lighting style, color, and position. This fixture can reflect not only the function but also the feeling of individual room space.

Each year manufacturers introduce new or improved types of chandelier lighting so that they can fit in consumers current generation and fashion. Chandeliers as the representation of both elegance and classic, they also have been innovated through various attempts and researches. Furthermore, advanced fixture and lighting solution are incorporated with the home design continually, such as crystal chandelier from Showsun lighting. Let’s check out what are the hottest trend in 2019.

Rustic Chandelier

Design trend, like any other styles, they seem to be cyclical. Designers this year has brought back rustic chandelier in search for inspiration from modernity, and now they have combined this classic piece of art with a drip of current stimulation.

Simple line design is combining with contemporary patterns; this is one of the most significant trends in the chandelier industry. Its versatility and adaptability to most home and restaurant styles attract consumers greatly. If you are unsure which kind of chandelier to start your fixture hunting, rustic style may be the one you like to meet.

Country Music

This is yet another excellent design category that can fit most home interior. Stylish chandelier in country style can convey a unique homely atmosphere and provide a sense of comfort in any room. Modern country chandeliers mix a diverse kind of style, and they usually divide into several areas:

  • Provence – this category is inspired by the small villages and towns in France. The main part is a wrought metal base with several lamp shades or one large lamp shade. Moreover, the textile part of the lamp has bedding colors.
  • Chalet – this style conveys the characteristics from the alpine village house. Natural materials are employed unlike the metal feeling in Provence style. However, its base is still metal with decorative elements, and candelabras are equipped to highlight its features.


The Baroque chandelier is a representative of luxury and elegance. Crystal is the primary element in this lighting device that brings out the overall level of magnificence with its special sparkle and reflection. Furthermore, a Large number of decorative items are applied in the design of these chandeliers.

Compare to the previous two styles introduced above, being vintage like a medieval royalty is what keeps this classic division so popular for an extensive period. That being said, its purpose is also different from the other two trending styles. They require a larger living space with high ceiling to fully realize its beauty. The interior design of your home and restaurant will also need to be revolved around the chandelier, with a tendency towards the classic western style.

However, if you are determined to create a sweet home that fits a Baroque style crystal chandelier, I am sure you will not regret your decision as it presents an entirely different class to other categories. Manufacturers also offer customizable lights so that you are not fixed in those products available on the market. Your very own ideas can be realized in reality as well with this service provided by, for instance, Showsun Lighting crystal chandelier customisation service.

Modern and High-Tech

I combine these two styles as they are similar but adapting the modernity in a different level.

Firstly, modern style appears on the basis of classics. It tries to best-harmonized eras with amazing decorative features and stylish vivid color. Glass and metal are two primary materials used in this division, and the art style usually applies asymmetrical lines and gentle curve. This style has a very generous application on the home interior like rustic and country.

A sense of future dominates the high-tech category much more. Although the basic structure remains classical, employing simplicity and conciseness heavily are its unique selling point that eliminates the feeling from the past. The combination of functionality and originality is what makes it a favorite item in the current generation. High-tech design is perfect for both large and small mainstream apartments or houses.

Freedom to pick the perfect match

One of the five hottest styles I presented can surely fit in your ideal plan. To conclude, if you have absolutely no ideas in what to choose, modern is your best bet as it is the perfect mix of the past and the mainstream. However, if luxury and nobility is what attracts you the most, look no further because Showsun lighting’s crystal chandeliers in Baroque style is the one you should obtain

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