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Look For the perfect moving Within Time Limit


Take an inventory of your assets. The easiest way to do this is to walk through piece by piece noting the objects. Start packing early. Take advantage of getting rid of the things that you are not going to move and look for storage if you need it.

Take an inventory of the items you move and the items you will put away (be sure to note where each item was left). Hire the help you need for moving day (especially for children).

Pay off your current household bills.

Inform your insurance agent of the change

In general terms avoid making many simultaneous changes for your children. Ideally, a change of house should not mean a change of school since both events are important for children and require a period of adaptation. But, if so, try to involve your children in extracurricular activities such as: sports, music classes, art classes or scouts. These activities will help them to integrate more quickly into a new group, which is important when establishing themselves. Try to get them to join in more than one activity, just in case one fails or they don’t like it.

If possible, take the children to the new home and explore the neighborhood before moving. If this is not possible, take photos of the new house, a nearby park, or any other aspect that may be of interest to them. For moving company denver this is important.

If you can, try to get to know the families in your neighborhood before you move. Getting to know people will make your children feel more at home.

The day before the move

  • Prepare a box with the things you will need to have on hand (toiletries, medicines and tools, for example).
  • Locate the toys that will go in the handbags and prepare a snack bag for the children.
  • Empty the paraffin from the stoves.
  • Pick up things from the laundry, shoe repair and others.
  • Return videos to the video store, books to the library, etc.
  • Defrost the refrigerator in advance.
  • Unplug and clean other devices.
  • Gather the keys to the house to give to the new occupant, owner, or property broker.

The Day Of Moving

  • Have the pass, the corresponding authorizations, proof of payment and the identity cards at hand at all times.
  • Check the whole house before the truck leaves.
  • Check inventory on departure and arrival.
  • Give the keys to the broker or the new occupant and ask him to sign a certificate specifying that he received the property in correct condition.
  • Get to your new home before the moving truck.
  • Check that the services are connected.
  • Locate the box with the essentials.
  • Replace all exterior key plates as a safety measure.

Check that the appliances (bathrooms, califonts, swimming pool, etc.), and services (electricity, water, gas and others) are working correctly.



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