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Nelson Partners Gives a General Insight into Purpose-Built Student Housing

Purpose built student accommodations are a specialized type of housing properties that are developed by private commercial developers and are meant to be specifically meant for students. These properties are usually available in two forms. They can be self contained studio or “cluster” flats with private kitchens but shared living space. The other option includes modern halls of residence featuring en-suite bedrooms with shared kitchen, dining and living facilities. A number of renowned real estate companies have entered this property landscape over the last few years, Nelson Partners being one of them.

A lot of people would remember the terrible experience of being crammed with five other people into a single apartment during their college years. Fortunately, their kids are unlikely to have to deal with the same. Today purpose-built student housing projects are embraced widely as a means for students to move from community houses to centralized locations that can effectively cater to their needs and lifestyle. There are three major factors that distinguish purpose-built student housing from regular housing. Firstly these units are designed solely for student occupancy, secondly property is operated and leased on a by-the-bed basis and thirdly these units come fully furnished. A typical apartment building comprises of a mix of studios, one-and two-bedroom units that are leased as a whole apartment. On the other hand, for student housing, the homes available are generally three-and four-bedroom units where there is a bathroom in each bedroom. A key difference is the lease is for the bed, rather than the entire unit.

The amenities found at student housing projects are pretty important to the overall experience. State of the art technology is pretty much a staple in most purpose-built student housing projects. They have quite a high-speed internet service to cater to this highly digital savvy generation. Wireless internet is also the standard in these units because the most students have multiple mobile devices from phones to tablets. Other amenities found in such projects include 24/7 fitness centers, resort-style swimming pools and spas, as well as multi-purpose rooms that can be used for yoga or other activities.

Property developers often approach Purpose-Built Student Housing projects with the goal of incorporating a sense of community, developing spaces with character and catering to individual needs. Each of such housing projects is customized in terms of amenities and designs. Developing spaces with character ideally requires an eye for interior details, and making sure that elements like the use of natural light and ventilation are not overlooked. Purpose-Built Student Housing projects are known to offer comprehensive lifestyle accommodations that is conducive to achieving academic success. The developers of these properties tend to recognize the fact that each and every student has their own schedules, interests and priorities. Hence, the accommodation communities are also designed, built, and managed with that diversity in mind.

To know more about student housing projects, especially the ones available in the US, one can always visit the Nelson Partners website.

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