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Generally we never think about our plumbing until it’s too late and there is water splashing all over the walls. Consequently, in times of need, we find ourselves wasting precious time looking for a qualified plumber. Having a list of plumbers when an emergency comes allows you to limit the damage by far, because all you have to do is call the plumbers on your list to request a quote. At this point, choosing the plumber that’s right for you is usually quite simple. Here are some tips for making a list of professional plumbers, ready in case of an emergency.

Get references from people you know

One of the first things most people do when looking for a plumber is to turn to their friends, family and associates – and this can be a good idea to get started. Use this practice as a starting point to collect the names of the professionals, until you have a list of about 3-5 plumbers depending on the extent of the work to be done. The bottom line here is that the best plumbers get most of their jobs through word of mouth. These are the plumbers you are looking for. Your goals will be plumbers who know how to keep competitive prices and focus on keeping their customers happy. The only problem is that the references you can have for each plumber will not be many.

To overcome this unknown there is a platform that makes everything simple, fast and transparent: With the plumber you can find the professional for you, choosing from dozens of plumbers in your area and comparing real quotes and reviews.

Check the plumber’s permissions

When developing a fairly well stocked list, we usually advise you to contact the plumbers to make sure they are up to date with the licenses and, if you are able, try to check their level of experience. All of this represents a good start for the selection process. However on The plumber you can speed up the discussion thanks to the numerous reviews on the work done previously.

Search for comments and reviews

With the growing popularity of the Internet, more and more homeowners are leaving online reviews and feedback of their experiences with contractors and plumbers. It is a good idea to look for reviews and feedback online for all the professionals you are interested in hiring. The classic way to do this is by entering the plumber’s name or company name in a Google search. You may also want to add words like “review” or “reviews” when doing a search to increase your chances of finding the results you’re looking for. The problem here is that to find the professional review you must necessarily know the name (his or the company’s name), and in general you will only look for those that have been recommended to you.


However, plumbers will contact you with qualified plumber to offer you their job performance, and you can compare all the reviews of the community. The plumber helps clients find professionals, and workers find jobs. This inevitably increases the catchment area of ​​professionals and consequently the work done for people who use the internet and who will willingly leave feedback, both positive and negative. This means that on the plumber you will find many reviews to make your choice in the most conscious and transparent way possible.

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