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Recycling and waste containers; Types, colors and meaning

Respect for the environment requires a series of commitments and actions to be carried out that serve to preserve nature and the landscape environment. And for that, there are recycling bins and containers with their variants for different types of waste. The good news is that now you can hire service for Garbage bin rental online at affordable prices. By practicing recycling we can avoid the creation of new waste and its accumulation. It represents significant energy and economic savings.

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The three “R” – Reduce reuse recycle

The law of The Three “R” is already a worldwide insignia. The use of the three “R” formula (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) has always been advocated, a formula that should be the way of acting of today’s society as far as possible. Although you cannot avoid generating waste, the impact on the environment will be minimal if you follow these rules in the correct order.

Various bin and containers

The recycling symbols are varied and the meaning is essential to give a correct treatment to the waste, and thus avoid the dumping of improper waste that will harm the recycling system. The available containers are – Yellow container, Blue containers, Green containers, Organic containers, Gray containers, and Special waste containers.

Yellow container: The recycling of plastic packaging represents approximately between 11 and 12% by total weight of the waste we generate.

Blue container: The utility of blue containers for recycling is enormous. The recycle cardboard and paper represents approximately 18% by weight of the total waste generated.

Green container: What most users practice is recycling glass, and for this, we have the famous green containers. Glass is 100% recyclable and never loses its initial qualities.

Organic container: Although most of us are not used to organic containers and in reality, in many cities we do not see them either. They are destined for the organic waste that we produce at home. The organic residues are all the residues of animal or vegetable origin that break down easily in the environment.

Special waste containers

There are a series of specifically designated recycling bins that are matched to a specific type of waste based on its reuse or treatment characteristics. The most common are –

  • Containers for clothing, accessories and footwear: They come together with a non-profit association or NGO.
  • Battery containers: They are intended for depositing small batteries and batteries that are no longer useful.
  • Medicine containers: They are for the deposit of pharmacy products and expired medicines, those that we no longer use.

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Recycling and waste containers; Types, colors and meaning

Respect for the environment requires a series of commitments and actions to be carried out that serve to preserve nature...

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