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Residential Garage Door Installation in Dallas

We firmly believe the garage door installation corona ca homeowners request from us should be affordable and in line with their preferences and overall home style. This is why we offer a wide range of appealing options with garage doors. We also think a garage door should provide long-term value. Having a new garage door install mcmurray pa also gives homeowners some other wonderful options, like the ones discussed below.

Insulated Garage Doors

Having a new, insulated garage door installed can give a Dallas homeowner a big energy efficiency boost. There are many benefits associated with a properly installed insulated garage door for homeowners. Some of these include:

  • Naturally increasing the temperature inside the garage
  • Making the garage a more usable and comfortable space
  • Reducing operation-related noise since insulated garage doors tend to be quieter

Going with an insulated door is also an appealing option for Dallas homeowners since it doesn’t limit options with style. It is true that s single layer garage door won’t have any added insulation. However, the insulation will come from the panels. Internal layers of polystyrene or polyurethane are included with double-layer and triple-layer doors, which increases energy efficiency even more.

Options with Garage Door Materials

Dallas homeowners having a new garage door installed have four basic options with materials: steel, aluminum, wood, and composite wood. Here’s a closer look at what each of these four materials has to offer.


  • Steel Garage Doors – Steel garage doors are the ones most homeowners are likely to have. Many homeowners like steel doors because they are low maintenance and available in a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors.



  • Aluminum Garage Doors – Dallas homeowners preferring a lighter option may appreciate an aluminum door. This material can also provide a fresh, modern look.



  • Wood Garage Doors – Wood garage doors are appealing because they offer an attractive, classic look. Wood can be a good choice if the top priority is aesthetics rather than energy efficiency.



  • Composite Wood Garage Doors – Composite wood doors are generally not good insulators. But these doors can be layered over steel and insulated in multiple layers, which would then provide added energy efficiency for Dallas homeowners.


R-Value and U-Factor

Dallas homeowners having a new garage door installed may across terms like R-value and U-factors. Let’s take a closer look at these two terms. R-value is a measure of how well a garage door can prevent heat loss. There are many factors that can affect a new garage door’s R-value.

For these reasons, homeowners in the Dallas area are encouraged to not automatically assume a door with a higher R-value is automatically the most efficient choice. R-value for garage doors can be measured in one of two ways: by the entire garage door assembly or from the center panel where insulation is thickest.

Some garage door manufacturers prefer to determine insulating capabilities with a door’s U-factor instead of its R-value. U-factor looks at the entire garage door assembly when evaluating heat transfer. These parts include:

  • The frame
  • Panels
  • Garage door hardware

Increased Home Value for Dallas Homeowners

Replacing a garage door and having a new one installed that’s more energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing can provide a nice boost in home value for homeowners in the Dallas area. In fact, homeowners can expect to recoup nearly 75 percent of their initial investment from a new garage door if they opt to sell their home!

Residential garage door installation Dallas homeowner’s schedule with us can ultimately be a great way to add beauty, function, durability, long-term value, and added energy efficiency to any home. Contact us today to learn more.


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