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 Should I Get Home Staging Done Before Selling My Home?

There’s a long list of things you must do before selling your home. From choosing a real estate agent to determining a price to finding a new home, you’ll need to make all kinds of decisions pre-sale.

If you’re like many other sellers, you’ll want to find ways to make the process less complicated. An easy way to simplify the selling process is to hire a home staging company, who can get your home ready to sell.

Professional home staging experts (also known as property stylists) will tastefully choose the best furniture, art, appliances and decor to adorn your home and increase its attractiveness to your prospective buyers.

Is home staging right for you? In this post, we’ll share four of the most compelling reasons that owners choose to stage their homes before they sell.

Increase the Appeal of Your Home

Before buyers purchase a home, they need to envision themselves living in it. Property styling stimulates their imagination and allows potential buyers to picture their new life. Whether it’s relaxing with family and friends in the backyard or hosting a dinner party, property styling makes it much easier to imagine these scenarios.

If you can provide this type of experience during viewings of your home, you’ve already got a leg up on other sellers who aren’t doing home staging. It’s much easier to picture yourself living in a tastefully decorated home, rather than a house with nothing but empty rooms.

Minimise Any Imperfections in Your Home

This isn’t to say that styling will help you cover up damage or serious structural problems, but rather how to optimise your space to make it look amazing. Professional property stylists know how to stage a room to make it look its absolute best.

For example, if you have a room that’s smaller in size, a stylist might bring in a large mirror to open the room up and make it appear larger. Or they will choose furniture in colours and patterns that complement the existing wall colours and design of your home.

Move into Your New Home Faster

If you’ve already purchased your new home, you’ll probably want to move in as quickly as possible. But you need to keep furniture in your existing home to show prospective buyers the best snapshot of what they could be getting.

That’s where home staging comes in. You can move your personal belongings into your new home and live there full-time. At the same time, styling experts can evaluate your home, order furniture and decor, and install it all.

Plus, you won’t worry about your furniture getting damaged when buyers come through on viewings. Alternatively, if your furniture isn’t the most stylish, then you can hire a staging company to find more suitable pieces.

To summarise, home staging is right for you if you want your home to sell quickly and you want to minimise the hassle associated with moving. Whether you’re near Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or another capital city, you’ll be sure to find qualified property stylists who can bring your home to life.

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