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Sofa-Buying 101: Helpful Tips That You Can Follow!

Purchasing a sofa is an essential investment that you can make for your house. To buy living room set, you need to make sure that the set you purchased will complement the current appearance of your home. In the living room, a sofa is a type of furniture where everyone can read, drink, eat, watch TV, sleep, and entertain family members and friends. So it is understandable to make sense that you should take a little bit of your time and effort to invest in the right one, which can last for years.

Here are the following helpful tips that you can follow when purchasing a sofa.

  1. Sit First Before You Purchase

The same as buying for a new mattress, you always do the traditional thing – trying it first before deciding to buy. Hence, the same conventional practice when it comes to buying also applies to purchase the appropriate sofa for your living room.

The average sofa has a dimension of seat depth at least 60cm, which can provide a lot of room to maneuver, especially if you have long legs. It enables you to tuck them under if you’re a little bit shorter. Though seat depths may vary, that’s why it is essential to try them out to make sure that you will have better back support.

When talking about heights, many designs are made between 45cm to 50cm high. Actually, there’s no right or wrong height for a sofa; that’s why it is really crucial to try to sit first before purchasing to ensure that it will suit the whole family.

Lastly, check the excluding armrests, and the total width of it, if you prefer to stretch out.

  1. Pick a Sofa with a Good Frame

If you’re going to purchase a sofa with excellent back support, design, and height, it is also essential to invest with a good frame. Because a good frame is a fundamental of every durable sofa set that can last for many years.

In 1StopBedrooms company, they have a solid hardwood frame on their sofa, which makes every couch a durable one that can last for years and generations! However, be aware of metal construction and particle board, other manufacturing companies are making those sofas and have it distributed in many furniture shops.

Moreover, ask for a guarantee before paying – always choose for a manufacturer who can provide an offer for at least a 15-year warranty. As you may know, buying a sofa is not a cheap investment. It can cost you more than a hundred bucks for a quality one. So, to have a worthy investment, always pick the best one.

  1. Don’t Forget About the Cushions

What’s inside the sofa is also crucial to the overall appearance and durability of the furniture. When talking about to the sofa’s back and seat, feather-filled cushions can offer you a different level of comfort. Though this kind of cushion requires regular plumping, while the fiber fillings or foam may flatten, and typically, it will lose its shape as the year continue to pass by.

To prevent this from happening, it is highly recommended to pick a sofa cushion with a combination of a foam and feather. Feathers provide a squish feeling while the foam gives a robust structure to support. Also, a back cushion filled with both feathers and foam or fiber and foam works well for the overall functionality of the sofa.

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