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Stay Healthy at Home with Natural Pesticide Solutions

Insecticides are some of the most toxic chemicals to be found around the home — and unfortunately, they are frequently found around the home. Consider the associated risks. According to the National Cancer Institute, childhood cancer has increased nearly 30 percent since pesticides became commonly used household products. In addition to the cancer link, chemicals found in pesticides have been associated with allergies, birth defects, and even psychological disorders.

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High concentrations of toxic pesticides are particularly dangerous for not only children, but also infants, toddlers, the chronically ill and the elderly. These groups tend to spend majority of their time in the home, have limited movement and in some cases, have compromised immune systems.

Adding all of this up, it becomes clear that commercial pesticides are simply too dangerous to be used in or stored around the home.

Fortunately, there are natural and safe substitutions to these chemically unsafe pesticides. This should come as no surprise: humans have been fighting insects and other pests long before the 1950s, when science began bombarding us with chemical after chemical to “improve” the effectiveness of pest control products.

The infographic below, Stop Bugging Me — Safe and Natural Pest Control Remedies, is great information for anyone who wants to enhance not only their health but the health of their family and friends. These 10 natural pest control solutions are simple, safe and not very expensive, either. Most of the remedies involve common household products, many of which you may already have within your home. These natural pest control products work their magic on pests but make the house and yard much safer environments for humans, flowers, plants and trees.

Graphic created by ImproveNet, a resource to find contractors for home improvement.

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