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The Construction of a House, Consists of a Succession of Stages

Among these, the choice of the manufacturer is of paramount importance. What is the procedure for choosing the right home builder? How to evaluate its reliability?

The points to scrutinize before choosing a manufacturer

  • The reputation of the manufacturer.
  • His experience.
  • Financial strength
  • The quality of its services.
  • The guarantees it presents.
  • Look for an experienced builder to build your home

In terms of construction even more than elsewhere, the experience, seniority and “know-how” of the professional, who will accompany you in your project, are criteria on which it is not possible to compromise. Select multiple builders before you decide

Play word of mouth

If the (good!) Reputation of the builder with whom you will be dealing is not a sufficient condition to make you prefer a builder of individual houses to another one, it is nevertheless necessary to note that it is a necessary condition. In a time of social networks, you should easily collect opinions and testimonials about the performance and expertise of the builder to which you plan to entrust the responsibility for the construction of your future house.


When asked which factors they had considered when choosing the professional who would build their home, 22% of respondents answered the price, 22% said they favor the geographical proximity of the company to the site of the site and 21% said they relied on the quality of construction.

Make sure the seriousness of the manufacturer

To benefit from the guarantees of the construction contract and the sale in the future state of completion, choose a builder who is a member of LCA-FFB (Builders and Builders of the French Building Federation). In addition to ten-year warranties and perfect completion, you will be covered in case of payment of installments before the start of the site and enjoy the delivery guarantee at agreed prices and time.


You have decided to invest in stone, but you do not know exactly which house builder to choose? Many parameters must be taken into account when choosing a constructor. Would you like to entrust the entire construction to a professional who will deliver you a turnkey house? Do you plan to proceed in stages so that you can customize your future home as much as possible? But above all, what kind and style of house do you want to build? Depending on your preferences, here are the options available to you to find a house builder.

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  • Build with a CCMI or with several artisans

You have two main options for building a house:

  1. Entrust all the work to a house builder
  2. Or stagger the construction by appealing to several stakeholders.

Each of these options has different advantages and disadvantages:

  • Entrust the project to a turnkey house builder

Your first option is the single-family builder:

It is a company that supports all stages of construction and delivers a turnkey home. (For free quotes from construction professionals in your area for your work, click here!)

The house construction contract is strictly regulated and is subject to the 1990 law on the construction of detached houses.

The advantage with this type of contract is the security that it confers: the house builder is responsible for every step, from foundation to finishing.

The benefit of going through an individual home builder is that it can reduce costs. On the other hand, this solution can also limit the customization options of a house, especially if you have a subdivision built.

Note : As the owner, the builder is responsible for all the services of each stakeholder on the site: architect, bricklayer, plasterer, plumber, etc.

Entrust the construction to several independent craftsmen

On the other hand, you also can solicit several stakeholders to have a custom house:

  • The architect to realize the plan of the house,
  • Mason for foundations and walls,

The plumber to install the sanitary.

In this case, each stakeholder will be governed by his own contract. This solution allows you to better control each workstation and customize your home to the maximum. On the other hand, it is an extremely time-consuming task, which requires a lot of time and some experience of the world of work.

A last alternative is to entrust the project management to an architect, who then coordinates the various craftsmen.

If this solution really makes it possible to build a custom home, it is often more expensive than using a home builder because you do not enjoy economies of scale.

Warning: this last option requires more attention from you and the implementation of the responsibility of a craftsman can be complicated.

Choose according to the specialty of the house builder

Each house builder has his specialty:

While some have more experience in traditional house construction, others specialize in contemporary homes.

Similarly, builders prefer to work on stone or brick houses while others are excellent at building wooden houses.

It is the style and type of home that you want to build that will determine the specialty of the New Braunfels home builder to solicit. Before calling on an architect or a home builder, you must ensure that his previous achievements are up to the task.

Tip: Ask to visit one or two job sites to check the builder’s expertise in the type of house they usually do, and always find out about their local reputation.

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Precautions for any house construction

Whichever option you choose, it is imperative to remain vigilant on certain points to ensure the smooth running of the work.

It is thus essential:

To establish a contract in due form which must contain the nature of the service, the duration of the work and the price thereof,

To verify that the service provider offers all the necessary guarantees, ten-year guarantee, biennial guarantee and damage-works warranty,

Choose a manufacturer that meets all applicable standards, RT2012 standard, electrical standards.

To inquire about the reputation of the individual house builder, but also on its solvency.

For more precautions, contact a house builder who is a member of recognized organizations such as the Union des Maisons Françaises or the Union Nationale des Constructeurs de Maisons Individuelles .

Belonging to these platforms ensures that you respect all the rules that surround the house building activity and the quality of the service.

To be in contact with competent professionals, note that our site allows you to receive up to five quotes for the construction of a house free of charge.

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