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The most common jobs a locksmith usually performs

One of the most common tasks that a Locksmith North York usually carries out is opening doors. A job that he can do in just a few minutes since he not only has the necessary experience to do so, but also the most appropriate equipment and tools. However, this is by no means the only job he usually does.

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Most common tasks among locksmiths

Any professional locksmith in North York will have to deal with all kinds of situations. Many of these tasks are usually common and frequent, but others are not so much. Here’s a small list of the most common jobs a locksmith should perform –

  • Repair of keys and locks
  • Installing a master lock
  • Opening or unlocking the car trunk
  • Manufacture of replacement keys
  • Window lock repair
  • Repair of security systems
  • Opening of safes
  • Installation of security shutters
  • Creation of master keys.

Opening or placing door locks

It must also be borne in mind that it is not the same for a locksmith to have to open a normal door than an armored door with a more advanced system. It is why you will need to have enough knowledge to deal with all types of doors. Regardless of knowledge, opening security doors will also require a more specific procedure and equipment. It is not about opening just any door, but possibly a safer place.

Opening safes

One of the most in-demand tasks among locksmiths is opening safes. A professional locksmith must have knowledge to open manual, digital, domiciliary and banking safes, ATMs, vaults, gunsmiths, etc. To tell the truth, it is a somewhat complicated process, so the locksmiths are in a continuous process of training to update the techniques and adapt to the new mechanisms security that have safes. In short, the work of a locksmith is not based exclusively on opening doors, but goes much further.


Professionals, who respond fast service during emergencies and go to the place where you need it if necessary, must be considered safe. The experience and professionalism leads to the timely understanding of each case and to immediately provide the advice or solutions that are needed. Many professionals in the sector perform installations, analyzes and repairs with high quality and guaranteed without charging high prices. So, we suggest that you pay attention to three things – years of experience, the recommendations of other clients and the guarantee.

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