Tue. Nov 12th, 2019

The New Curtains of Today!

Roller blinds can be found in many places such as homes and offices as they are an excellent choice to block sunlight and heat. Some companies provide Venetian Blinds Singapore installations.

Venetian blinds may just be that additional subtle touch that improves the functionality in your homes and offices. Besides, being functional, it is beautifully and simply designed with a minimalistic nature that looks great in any environment. Venetian blinds are preferred in most homes due to several reasons that make it highly sought after. They can fit in easily without affecting most home design layout. The way it operates is simple and does not require prior technical knowledge. The choice of materials used are usually long-lasting and require little maintenance or cleaning.

Venetian roller blinds tend to use wood as their preferred choice of material. Although wood might not the best material as it is prone to absorbing water easily, resulting in water damages. Moisture affects wood negatively as it can warp the material or mold can grow on parts of the blind. Some wooden Venetian blinds are water-resistant or waterproof, this can help the customer resolve this particular issue of water damage. If using wood is not your preferred choice of material then there are other considerable materials such as Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is solid plastic derived from vinyl chloride and fabric Venetian blinds. PVC Venetian blinds are cost-efficient and easy to clean while fabric Venetian blinds are preferred due to its strong selling points of being able to effectively reduce sun glare and store heat during colder seasons. As all of the above-mentioned materials are long-lasting, your choice would be based on design or how they fit in terms of measurements and size.     

Venetian blinds can be custom designed and made with specific measurements that fit into your homes or offices. It is also crucial to consider the direction and method of how your windows open up to prevent any operational clashes between the blinds and windows. When the measurements of Venetian blinds are customized, they can fit nicely into the window frame. This is also another good feature about customized blinds as commercially made curtains may have size discrepancies that affect the fit on a window frame.  

A good blind should block off negative factors like excess sunlight and heat while allowing positive factors such as airflow and circulation to enter your homes or offices. Value is about perception as Venetian blinds portray the image of a prestigious and modern concept. Image is the key selling point of blinds with wood or wood-like material that is visually appealing in homes that are decorated with certain themes like modern abstract art or contemporary style. Hence, it is important to take note of whether you would like to include the cord or have the tapes of the blinds lean on the side as these factors will affect the overall perception of the blinds.

Venetian blinds have become the new curtains of today. With long-lasting materials, hassle-free cleaning and beautiful designs, it’s no wonder why everyone is using it.

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