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The Right Woodworking Tools You Need

The other components that make up the band saw are the guide or guide system and the wheels. It is from the guide that a straight cut of all widths is carried out. A wheel which is placed on the base material of the saw is powered by a motor. The other, which provides the freewheeling function, is positioned in height. For the use of the woodworking tools this is important.

The Right Model

This model is dedicated to a semi-professional job or to any DIY enthusiast. Comfort and capacity will be there, because this band saw has a very large cutting table which is robust and which can be adjusted up to more than 45 °. This table is 300mm by 300mm. then, on the performance side of the device, you will not be depressed either. It is a machine with an absorbed power of 350w. And finally, it remains easy to use and easy to assemble.

  • It exists in 2 models, including the bench or stationary band saw and the portable band saw. The first consists of a table below which the motorization is installed, hand wheels and a saw blade called a ribbon. The portable type is transportable and consists of two handles for use.

It is a fixed band saw model

It is very famous on the stock exchange, as being a machine easy to use and very ergonomic. It is equipped with a robust 400 w motor, with a cutting speed of 738 m per minute. It is generally recommended if you are a beginner in the field. It differs from other models mainly thanks to the comfort of use it offers. It is a silent but efficient machine. The saw is very cdi, it is pleasant to adjust and the blade is adjustable without tools. In addition, to properly light your cutting area, it is equipped with an LED lamp. Nor should we forget the safety system at its disposal, which prevents any involuntary tripping of the equipment.

To put it simply, a lot of criteria must be known during the acquisition such as the kind of cut that you want to make, the area of ​​the component that you want to cut, the watt of cut desired as well as the frequency of use of the tool. We will assist you in choosing the band saw you need.


The band saw is a machine used to work wood to offer it rounded cuts, irregular cuts or cross cuts. To make curved wood cuts or to trim the table top, there is nothing more practical than this machine. But for truly energetic results, be careful to choose your band saw. To help you, we have drawn up a comparison of the three bestsellers, with supporting controls and notices.

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