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Top Singapore Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Not Ignore

Critical Home Maintenance Tasks to Never Ignore

There are many benefits to keeping up with your home maintenance tasks. It ensures that your facilities are all in working order, and will not malfunction when you need them the most. Additionally, it preserves your property. You’d want your home to last long and retain a considerable property value. More importantly, a well-maintained home provides full security and comfort. 

Every maintenance task is important, but there are ones that are very critical and that you should never ignore. Here we will explore maintenance tasks that will greatly improve your home living if you regularly keep them up.

Air Conditioning Cleaning and Checkup

Checking and conditioning your AC is especially important because Singapore frequently has warm and humid weather throughout the year. Constant use of AC also means faster dirt buildup in its air filters and higher chances of your machine overworking. Periodically cleaning the filters, cooling fans and coils ensure that the AC will continue working efficiently. You should also check for refrigerant leaks and thermostat accuracy to avoid the worsening of small issues.

Checking Your Refrigerator 

Refrigerators are one of the appliances we constantly use throughout the day. Maintaining them will ensure efficient energy usage, and that it works perfectly as it should. At least twice a year, unplug your fridge and clean its coils of dust and other debris. Also check the door seals if it closes properly, or if there are tears, loosening, or objects getting stuck in them. Your fridge should be running at 37 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit internal temperature to ensure energy efficiency without compromising food quality.

Filling Grout Cracks 

Grout acts like fillers for the joints between tiles to keep dirt and other debris from getting stuck in them. If you notice cracks in your grout, you should attend to the problem immediately or you run the risk of moisture, dirt, and mold problems later on. Delaying grout problems will eventually cost you more for repairs or solving mold issues.

Fixing Water Piping Leakages

Some people tend to brush off small leakages and eventually face even bigger problems later on. Piping leakages could lead to invasive black mold infestation, stained walls, and even floods. Additionally, small leakages can develop into big and expensive issues like a rapture in the main pipe along the walls. Addressing small issues now will save you from the stress and cost of even bigger piping concerns. 

Fire Extinguisher Replacement 

There’s a reason why the state encourages homeowners to have at least one fire extinguisher- it serves as a precautionary measure against household fires. Now it’s not only enough to own one, you also have to regularly check the product’s expiration date to make sure it’s still effective. Replace them if they’re expired. Also, make sure that they are accessible just in case you run into little fire-hazard issues. 

Top Home Maintenance Service Provider in Singapore

Homeowners, similar to business establishment owners, have to keep up with all the maintenance tasks diligently. It’s our responsibility to our family and community to keep the houses safe and free of dangers. And to make sure that you’re doing all your maintenance tasks right, it’s best to keep in touch with experts. 

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