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Understanding Your Choices in Cleaning Process


The cost of cleaning the premises is formed on the basis of several criteria. The class of the business center is taken into account, and by the type of use of the building (whether the building is administrative or industrial), the cleaning area (with an increase in the area, the cost of services decreases). With the best cleaning services you can have the finest choices.

  • For industrial buildings, the cleaning price is 1 sq. Km. m is from 20 dollars. (Area of ​​more than 8000 sq. m) up to 125 dollars. (Area less than 1000 sq. m).
  • For office buildings, the cleaning cost is 1 sq. Km. m is from 35 dollars. (Area of ​​more than 8000 sq. m) up to 165 dollars. (Area less than 1000 sq. m).
  • For office premises, the cleaning price is 1 sq. Km. m is from 40 dollars. (Area of ​​more than 8000 sq. m) up to 295 dollars. (Area less than 1000 sq. m).

The final cost of cleaning services is calculated for each project individually.

The process of coordinating work schedules and staffing

Commercial cleaning of the premises is carried out according to the individual work schedule and staffing of the company. To draw up a schedule, the features of the building and the premises where the cleaning will be carried out, the requirements of the customer, as well as the frequency of cleaning the buildings are taken into account. In addition, the number of employees who will be involved in cleaning is taken into account.

The cleaning schedule is prepared in advance and prescribed in the terms of reference, before the service organization leaves the facility. At the same time, the cleaning schedule for the office premises (daily morning and evening) and the shopping center will vary.

You can read more about such differences in this article.Necessary licenses and certificates for the cleaning company are essential here. Any organization that offers its services in commercial cleaning should not only have professional staff, have the necessary equipment for cleaning, but also have a number of documents for carrying out its activities.

The customer has the right to require the cleaning organization to provide:

  • Certificate of compliance of the quality of cleaning work with the requirements of the Standard.
  • Certificate of Environmental Management System ISO 14001.
  • OHSAS security management system certificate.
  • Certificate of SEZ.
  • Certificates for detergents and consumables.
  • Certificates for anti-icing reagents.
  • Climber’s license.

As well as medical books for working personnel in the form declared in advance (they can be for food production, sports facilities, and children’s institutions).

  • The cleaning cost of commercial buildings is always calculated taking into account the tariffs of the service company individually. The final price of the service is based on the following factors:
  • The size of the area requiring cleaning.
  • The size of the area of ​​glass surfaces.
  • Ceiling heights.
  • Type of floor surface.
  • The need to attract industrial climbers.

The need to use additional equipment (in some cases, only manual cleaning using special detergents is required).Helpful guide:

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