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What Are the Different Types of Flooring Options Available Today?

Whether you are building a new home or redecorating your existing one, the countless design choices available can be both exciting and overwhelming.

One of the first decisions that will need to be made on the interior of the home is the type of flooring, such as tile flooring richmond va. You want something beautiful, yet durable. Take a look at some of the flooring options out there today and decide which one you like best!

Designing Your Space

Take a moment to think about what the room will be used for. Will there be heavy traffic? What about eating? Is there a chance water or drink will be spilled? These are big questions to consider when choosing a flooring material for your home.

Maybe different rooms will have different flooring. In the bedroom, you may want carpet, while the bathroom may need tile. But you also like hardwood…maybe in the living area?

You can choose different flooring options while still maintaining a cohesive look throughout the home. Remember, it’s your home so do what you like best!


The most popular flooring choice remains hardwood. It is durable, beautiful, and has the highest return on investment. The wood will either be styled in a plank, strip, or parquet style.

Different shades of stain on the wood can create totally different looks, and the color can be a deal-breaker or deal-maker to home buyers.

Other than the attractive look of wood floors, the durability is a huge plus. Old homes with original flooring can be restored with a little TLC.

The downside of wood floors comes with the cost. Not only does it cost quite a bit to install them, but refinishing and resurfacing will run you a pretty steep bill.


Laminate is a great option for do-it-yourself enthusiasts. It is fairly easy to install with minimal tools required, and with hundreds of styles available, you can achieve almost any look you desire.

The quality of the laminate flooring you chose will play a big role in how long it lasts. While some brands can last nearly three decades, some will have only a ten-year lifespan.

This is definitely a material you want to avoid using in rooms that have a lot of moisture, like the bathroom. Water and dampness can shorten the lifespan of the material, making it not as inexpensive as it originally appears.


Ceramic tile flooring takes on many looks and is a great choice for heavily traveled areas or rooms with water. It is easy to clean and take care of, but will most likely need to be professionally installed.

There are thousands of design options with different colors, prints, and glazes available. This can help create almost any feel you are wanting in a room and add flair fairly inexpensively.

The downside of tile is it can be hard if you walk on it often, and time consuming to install.


Stone flooring is incredibly durable, making it a great option for heavily traveled areas in the home. It can seamlessly transition from inside to outside, helping you create a cohesive feel.

Every stone is different, so you can guarantee that when you chose it as your flooring, it will be totally unique from anyone else.

That being said, sometimes the fact that every stone is different can cause some problems. If you are wanting a specific area to match, there is always the chance that you could run out of the specific stone you need.

This along with the higher price point are drawbacks associated with the flooring.


Over the years two sides have formed: carpet-lovers and carpet-haters. It is often preferred in the bedroom but hated in the dining room.

If you are a soft-floor-lover you know carpet is an affordable flooring choice. The color and texture variations are endless, and there are now stain-resistant carpets available.

However, the biggest drawback for most people is the need for deep cleaning. Over time, heavily traveled areas can appear dingy and lifeless. While a steam cleaner can usually remedy this situation, it can be costly.


Over the last few years, vinyl has gained popularity amongst homebuilders. It is affordable and has a great look to it. There are many vinyl plank flooring pros and cons.

It is relatively affordable, and the color variations can give you almost any look you are wanting. It is easy to maintain and can is not terribly difficult to install if you want to do it yourself.

If you are planning to sell down the road, vinyl won’t necessarily give you the return on investment that other flooring materials would.


Linoleum is a type of flooring available in sheets or strips that sticks to the existing surface. It is incredibly durable, easy to install, and is available in many different colors, styles, and patterns.

Although it can last for many, many years, the appearance may not be as perfect as it was in the beginning. Sharp objects can pierce the surface, and light can fade the colors.

This is a great option for a family or play space, but steer clear of any rooms that have moisture, as this material is not water-resistant.

Choosing the Best Flooring Material for You

Deciding on your home’s floor is an important decision. It helps create an overall feel of the room, and unlike paint, once you pick it you are probably going to have it as long as you live in the house.

Take your time to review the available materials and think about how well each will stand up in your home. Flooring is a big investment and you want to pick what will make you happiest!

Are you remodeling your home or building a new place? Check back for more great articles on creating your dream home!

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