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What Equipment Should You Hire For Landscaping?

As spring approaches us with greater pace and we leave the cold and rain behind (this never lasts too long in the UK we know!), it is time to think about the greenery and landscaping projects that you’ll have coming up. As a landscaping business it is important to plan ahead, to be fully aware of what type of landscaping you’ll be doing next and what type of equipment and machinery you’ll need at every stage. Planning ahead and working with a plant hire service that you can trust, will help a landscaping company to have the right tools to hand, exactly when they need them.

Preparing the site and area ready for the landscaping tasks is the first part of the process, removing any materials and debris currently present on site such as concrete, trees, plants, and soil. Moving through the landscaping project the tools and equipment required will begin to change. Having the right tools at every stage will help to ensure a smooth run and the highest quality of finish. 

What type of equipment and machinery should you hire for landscaping?

Excavators hiring mini excavators for smaller plots of land and large excavators for big projects will help with digging tasks and removing large quantities of earth and debris in preparation for foundations to be built, for landscaping, and other projects. The beauty of this machinery is that you can also hire a wide range of excavator attachments, increasing the flexibility and adaptability of your hire.

Pressure washer it is very satisfying to see a pressure washer at work, and even more satisfying to use one. Landscapers use pressure washers to finish off a garden project, cleaning stonework, slabs, brickwork and the edges around the greenery to ensure everything is sparkling and looks as good as new.

Dumper dumper hire is perfect to come to the landscaping site at times when there is a need to move large quantities of soil, rubble, topsoil, and more. They save a lot of time in the sheer quantities they can move in one go, transferring waste and rubble from excavator to skip.

Roller/Compactor a lawn roller or a larger compactor (depending on the size of the project) helps to compact new surfaces, or to roll over the newly laid turf to add the finish touches to a landscaping project, removing the air pockets to ensure the roots take to the soil. .

Garden tractor – A garden tractors is an indispensable tool in landscaping due to its unique combination of power, versatility, and efficiency. Landscaping often involves tasks such as mowing large lawns, tilling soil, grading surfaces, and hauling heavy materials, all of which can be time-consuming and labor-intensive without the right equipment. Garden tractors, equipped with various attachments, make these tasks significantly more manageable

A national plant hire company can play a pivotal role in assisting landscaping companies across the UK in having the correct equipment and machinery for upcoming landscaping projects. Instead of relying on tired old equipment that you may have had for years, or forking out large sums of money purchasing plant which then means you are stuck using the same machinery for a few years whether it is exactly the right fit for a task or not due to the cost attached. Working with plant hire specialists brings with it a lot of experience, knowledge and know-how, providing any landscaping company with advice and a good delivery schedule to ensure that all projects are completed on time.

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