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Who are Fade Ceilings and what are the services provided by them?


Fade Ceilings is a Scandinavian company which has over fifteen years of experience in manufacturing and incorporating the Fade Acoustic plaster system.  All the details from quotation to how the ceilings are done are on the website They have high skilled technicians and professionals who are skilled enough to develop the best Fade acoustic plaster system in the market. Their products are developed and tested in the test laboratory in Sweden and are produced in Denmark to secure the quality. Their origin was setting up and installing the Fade Acoustic plaster systems in the large business organisations, house etc. In 2013, they have extended their services in manufacturing and supplying their product. Their Major projects across the globe include the following installation of the Acoustic plaster systems. They are as follows

  • Niittykumpu Metro Station, Helsinki, Finland.
  • Ätkäsaari School, Helsinki, Finland.
  • NTU Cosmology Hall, Taipei, Taiwan
  • VillAnn and many more

Why to opt for Fade Acoustic Plaster system?

The Fade Ceiling online source uses Fade Acoustic Plaster System that can be applied virtually on any plain and straight surfaces or any curves and rough surfaces also. They are also much more flexible in dramatic angles, and arching domes. The high aesthetic performance of the Fade acoustic plaster system is well suited for various and wide-range of developments from historic monuments to high end residential building, commercial and retail outlets.   The reverberation time is lesser in this case since the fade acoustic plaster system is a sound absorbing plaster. It provides highest level of absorption. Also, the installation process is very easy since it doesn’t have any synthetic materials.

The Fade Ceilings provide world class service to their customer with respect to the projects. They supply Acoustic plaster spray to many of the customers across the world that demands high level solutions and high quality aesthetics to make sure it doesn’t compromise on the finishing. They work closely with their distributors from manufacturing till finishing and they are extremely supportive to provide best results all the time. 

There are three major types of Fade Acoustic Plasters used based on the type of building. They are as follows

  • Fade Plus- This provides ultra smooth, fine grain and super white finish and gives around 83 percent of light reflections.
  • Fade Albus- This provides a smooth, medium grain and pure white finishing and gives around 81 percent of light reflections.
  • Fade All Colours- This plaster can be coloured in all type of RAS and NCL Colours.

The cleaning and maintenance of the Fade Acoustic plaster system is very easy. Since the Fade Ceilings provides the inorganic type of plasters, the repairing part is easier. The system is more resistant to UV rays and humidity. A soft brush is enough to vacuum out the surface dust and dirt easily. Also, it is not necessary to worry about the micro organisms. This plaster system doesn’t allow the micro organisms to grow hence the system is odour free and are harmless to the environment.

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