Mon. Mar 30th, 2020

Why You Need to Upgrade from Mechanical Locks to Electronic Locking System 

If you still use obsolete mechanical locks and keys to guard your business premises, you could be missing out on the advantages that an electronic locking system can provide. From improved security to higher convenience, electronic security systems have many benefits. Here are a few reasons to switch to an electronic locking system for your business.

Prevent Lost Keys

If you’ve had to often replace your mechanical locks because of incessant loss of keys, Electronic locking systems make you worry less about missing your keys. It uses GPS technology to trace the physical locations of all key cards. The system even issues a unique serial number for each key, which makes it easier for you to tell at a glance which one has gone missing.

 Be Assured Keys are Never Copied

No matter how regularly you tell employees not to make copies of metal keys, you can’t be certain that they will heed. Contrarily cards used in electronic locking systems are improbable to copy, this way, you can be sure that your business premises can only be unlocked by the cards you gave your employees.

Easily Reset Locks

If a key card gets to the wrong hands, you can easily take action to secure your property. An administrator can digitally reset the lock and refresh all the key cards still in your possession, making sure that a stolen or lost card can’t be used to gain entrance to your building.

 Reduce Maintenance Costs

Although switching from mechanical to electronic locks comes with a cost, you could be saving extra costs in the long run. Thanks to the ability to reset digital locks yourself, you will no longer be charged by locksmiths, which can be sky-high in dire situations.

With all these in mind, you might be thinking how to get an electronic lock system installed; no matter the property you wish to protect, Barry Bros Security will design and install the perfect electronic lock system to enhance your overall security system. 


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