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You Do Need the LED Linear Lighting in Your Home Decoration

Nowadays, more varieties of lights have been designed and produced since people use lights at home not only for lighting but also for decoration. Chandeliers, table lamps, ceiling lamps, track lights all can make your home a comfortable and livable place if you put them on the right place and make an appropriate combination. But there is a new style of home light decoration since the simpler and easier decoration style became a trend, that is, the LED track lighting. The LED track lighting comes in various kinds as well, and one of the most popular is the LED linear lighting which can meet fashion requirements currently. Why the LED linear lighting becomes more and more popular? What advantages does it have? Here are three aspects of it.

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Recent years have seen great changes take place in the lighting industry. The refined appearance and enhanced performance of the LED track lighting have drawn in more customers to buy some for their home decoration. For example, linear lighting is becoming more compact and efficient. In particular, the LED linear lighting is energy-saving and environmentally-friendly, which is suitable for the urban low-carbon lifestyle. Take the OBALS separate track light  for example, it uses high-efficiency chips and PMMA diffuser, which can emit more light while consuming less energy. Since this aluminum linear light features excellent heat dissipation and corrosion resistance, its has a longer lifespan (30,000 hours on average ) than the other track lights. So, changing the light bulb won’t bother you in the future.


The flexibility is an important point we need to focus on as well when we choose the light. Unlike the other lights, the LED linear lighting has four installation methods, including suspending, surface mounting, track mounting, and unlimitedly extending, which can satisfy different lighting and decoration requirements. It is available for extended solution and can be customized according to the specific application scope and the actual installation requirements, splicing at will. Using the LED linear lighting which can fit modern style better can make the space design more flexible and make the lighting more comfortable. In addition, the high CRI of more than Ra 80 can meet your requirement of bright light.


Most of the lights are all-in-one style, which is not all that easy to install and maintain. On the contrary, some LED linear lights, like the one produced by OBALS, are in separate module design which can be installed and maintained to adapt various characters of different occasions. Think about the situation where you’re standing on the desk and changing the ceiling light bulb so hard. Think about the moment when your chandelier is massive, and you have no idea how to install it. There is no bother mentioned above if you choose the linear light to decorate your home because it is easy to install and maintain. You can make your ceiling and wall with it become more pleasing and less tedious.

Linear lighting plays an important role in visual guidance in space and has great significance in modelling. It leads people to the route of space design. Various linear shapes can be produced by using the changes of line density, length, thickness, overlap, intersection, angle, and inclination. The line can be regarded as the trajectory of point movement. It is the most expressive visual form and morphological vocabulary in visual art, and the supporting framework of various types of artistic expression. Therefore, if you want to make your home more creative, using the linear light will be the best choice.

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