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4 Reasons to Get a Wet Room with Los Angeles Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

With a streamlined design approach, bathroom trends have significantly changed over the last few years. While ‘less is more’ is still in vogue, the architecture, and interior designs are all about having innovative technology, clean lines, and spa-like upgrades that provide a luxurious feel in the bathroom. Homeowners are using the services of home remodeling and renovation contractors to create efficient bathrooms by opening the shower area, removing the walls, and developing a spacious approach. How is it achieved by Evolve Contractors’ one of the best Los Angeles bathroom remodeling contractors? It is by helping the homeowner revamp their bathrooms and change into the trending ‘wet rooms.

A Wet Room: What Is It?

Before jumping into how Los Angeles bathroom renovation company Evolve Contractors helps homeowners overhaul their bathrooms into wet rooms, here is a quick understanding of a wet room. Typically, a wet room is a bathroom that does not have an enclosed tub or shower area. The layout of a wet room is an open space where the shower area and the main flooring are on the same level.

The shower area floor of a wet room has a sharp slope, while the rest of the flooring of the bathroom has a gradual slope towards the shower area. To aid drainage, well-planned and slopped flooring is a must in a wet bathroom. Also, this modern-design bathroom requires other bathroom facilities, like the sink and toilet, to be water-sealed or raised so they don’t get damaged by the spattering water while showering.

Some homeowners still like to put a screen between the shower area and the rest of the bathroom in wet rooms to avoid getting the entire bathroom wet during a shower.

4 Reasons Why Opt for A Wet Room?

If you are considering revamping the bathroom and hiring one of the best Los Angeles bathroom remodel companies, Evolve Contractors, consider opting for a wet room bathroom. There are quite a few benefits of having a wet room than a traditional walk-in shower bathroom.

  1. Hassle-Free To Maintain

The enclosure or threshold associated with walk-in showers in traditional bathrooms is hard to clean and maintain. Often, the water stains are a nightmare to get rid of if not regularly wiped. When done by Los Angeles bathroom remodeling contractors Evolve Contractors, a wet bathroom is easy to maintain, with no need to clean the enclosure.

  1. Easy To Access

Wet rooms do not have a threshold or a door, making them ideal for the disabled, elderly, or people with limited mobility. A wet room is more accessible to maneuver, even for young children, since they are not confined to a narrow space. The ideal space can be termed as having an ‘inclusive design,’ which anyone can access, irrespective of their abilities and age.

  1. Better Usage of Space

Wet rooms are often considered a viable option for small bathrooms. One can easily remove a bath and open the space by installing a shower. Without the shower enclosure and doors, the tiny space with proper lighting and mirror setting can give the vibe of being large while utilizing the flooring better.

  1. Material & Design Choices Are Endless

When opting for a minimalist look while creating a stylish bathroom with Los Angeles bathroom remodel companies, wet rooms can be a great option. Since the bathrooms are water-sealed, a wet room can use a wide range of concrete, stone, and wood materials. Also, placing bathroom items across the area becomes easier since no walls or enclosures are inside a wet room.

Why Choose Los Angeles Bathroom Renovations?

If staying in the LA area, contact Evolve contractors for any Los Angeles bathroom renovation projects since they offer well-assessed general contractors at the lowest cost. Evolve Contractors also provide support, customized design and planning, advice, and secure payment without burdening the homeowners. So, it’s time to get a brand-new trendy bathroom from the best general contractors in LA.

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