Mon. Aug 19th, 2019

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Contractor Before Buying a Lawn Sprinkler System

As a homeowner, you understand the value of a well-maintained lawn. A good-looking lawn not only makes your day brighter but it improves the value of your property and possibly the value of other properties in the neighborhood.

Of course, taking care of it is hard work, especially in the summer. You should mow your lawn twice a week, keep your grass at 3 inches, mow no more than 30% at a time, water it during the right time of the day, aerate the grass, pick weeds, keep the soil healthy, and more.

Certainly, you can make life easier by shopping for in-ground automatic lawn sprinkler systems from your local contractor. But with a sprinkler system being a sizable investment, it’s important to ask your contractor the right questions, especially because you want your lawn to be watered correctly. Here are some things you should your contractor before buying a lawn sprinkler system from them:

#1 How Long Have You Been in the Business?

There are many variables in the lawn sprinkler business. A contractor that has decades of experience and understands the local climate is more likely to install the perfect system for your lawn.

#2 Will You Be Able to Work with My Property?

Properties come in all shapes and sizes. It’s important to find professionals who are comfortable working with your property. Usually, the most capable contractors will be experienced with massive properties as well as smaller ones.

#3 What Is Your Process?

The contractor should be detail-oriented. Their first step should be to survey your property. The slope of the grass, the direction of sunrise, shadows, water pressure and more will all be a factor when determining the right system for you.

After your contractor has performed a review, they should give you an accurate installation date and explain exactly what will happen at this time. Usually, contractors will need to plan the system, install valves, dig a trench and more.

#4 What Will It Cost?

It’s important that your contractor gives you an accurate and an obligation free quote for their services. Check other contractors in the area to see if their rates are competitive. If the contractor is friendly, reputable, and professional, then it’s advisable to hire them, even if their prices a little higher. A little extra money is usually worth excellent service.

#5 How Long Will It Take?

Depending on the size of your property, most contractors should be able to complete your work in a day to keep the experience as stress-free as possible. Be wary of contractors that come unprepared and suddenly need extra time to bring more equipment.

These are the questions you should ask your contractor before committing to a sprinkler system. Remember to avoid professionals who disappear after the installation process. You want a committed contractor who provides good after-sales support.

Their staff should take the time to educate you about the installation. You should understand how it works and what steps to take in case the system needs adjustment. 

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