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6 Living Space Designs That Are Going Out Of Fashion

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With a new generation of homeowners entering the market, a new wave of interior design aesthetics begins to take over. These styles and designs come in many forms, from period throwbacks to the championing of colour schemes, and can quickly become ubiquitous. The changing landscape of living space design also means, however, that certain trends are left behind.

It is just as important for homeowners and interior designers to recognise styles that are going out of fashion not only to stay on trend but also because less popular home aesthetics can reduce the value of a property or make it less appealing to the housing market.

As we draw closer to the end of the year, here are six living space designs that are soon to be less celebrated and, ultimately, go out of fashion.

Open Plan Spaces

Knocking down walls inside a home and merging rooms to create more singular open plan living spaces has become one of the most celebrated features of modern properties. This is because open plan designs make homes look more spacious, adding value. However, following the shift toward remote working culture, as well as the increased cost of energy prices, these designs have suddenly lost their favour. Residents, instead, are now showing preference for living spaces that can easily be divided and contained, allowing them to separate personal and professional spaces while also heating rooms more efficiently.


Only a few years ago, it seemed that the decades of minimalism-shaped trends had finally come to an end with the advent of maximalism. Residents turned to bring colour and abundance into their homes, rejecting the sparsity and understatement of scaled-back trends. However, only a few years into the prevalence of maximalism, and in realising how much upkeep (especially dusting) is required, maximalism is already being left behind.

Garden Lawns

The trim and monotone green of a tidy garden is no longer being seen as respectable. Instead, it is being rejected on a number of fronts, whether environmental or inefficient. Instead, gardens are becoming smallholdings, hosting vegetable patches, beehives, log cabins, and an assortment of rootsy facilities that support residents getting closer to nature.

Light Wood

For a long period of time, antique stores were seeing light wood fly out of the door, with their dark wood items taking up storage space. Now, however, and likely due to the lower price point, dark wood is becoming more sought after, with dealers quickly adapting their pricings.


The rather ugly portmanteau brings together grey and beige. It came to define a swathe of interior designs based upon neutrality that celebrated the calming and understated colour scheme of, well, greige. Within only a few years, however, homeowners have quickly become tired of this aesthetic, seeing it as lacking in character.

Light Strips

Much more short-lived than the aforementioned design trends, LED light strips, those that lined ceilings and illuminated walls from behind cupboards, are no longer in vogue. Likely due to their modern and cold aesthetic, these light strips were a flash in the pan now being retired as residents turn back to the warm and soft presence of bulbs.

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