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8 Fantastic Space-Saving Ideas for Smaller Homes

Today, 60% of Americans prefer to live in a community with larger communities, even if amenities are farther away. But preferences are exactly that: preferences.

The fact is, many of us dream of having a large mansion, but don’t have the financial means to own one. So we have to make do with what we’ve got.

If you’ve got a smaller home, you might feel pressed for choices when it comes to interior decor and having enough space at the same time. But we’re here to tell you that it can be done!

Below, we’ll discuss 8 space-saving ideas you can incorporate into your smaller house.

1. Put Up Shelves

When you look around, do you see lots of blank and empty space on your walls? Well, taking advantage of your vertical space is one of the best space-saving ideas, so buy some shelving and get to work!

This is really handy if you’re running of space on your floors and tables for things like plants, books, and magazines. By getting these items up on your walls, not only does it free up space on those surfaces, but it also perks up your living spaces and brings them to life!

2. Hang Cookware on Your Kitchen Walls

If you adore cooking and eating, you might be finding yourself running out of vital storage space in your kitchen. If you’re looking for clever space-saving ideas in this area, then you’re in luck, as we’ve got a great one for you.

Get a wall unit and place your cookware on there. Not only does this give you more cabinet space, but it also allows you to show off all the nice cookware you have!

This wall unit can also be used to hang some plants; some vining ones will look great in contrast with your pots and pans.

3. Turn Your Desk Into a Vanity

Why get a desk and a vanity when you can turn your existing desk into a 2-in-1? If your desk doesn’t have the capacity to do that, then pick up a cheap yet sturdy table that you can convert for storage underneath.

Open up the lid of the desk and fix a mirror to the underside of it. Then, fill the inside with your jewelry and makeup.

The result? You can flip the lid up to get ready in the morning. And for the rest of the day, you can work on your desk with plenty of space!

4. Get a Murphy Bed

Murphy beds are some of the best ways to save space in a small house. By night, you can pull out the bed and sleep in it, and in the morning, you can fold it away into a wall or a cabinet! A folded-up Murphy bed can add a nice touch to your decor since the cabinets are nicely designed and you can put vases of flowers and pictures on top.

If you want something that serves more of a purpose, you can even get a Murphy bed with a desk. There are several options, such as a drop-down table, studio desk, or desk bed. You’ll be able to choose one that looks best in your space while saving on it too!

5. Create False Floors

If you’re able to renovate, then we highly recommend false floors as one of the best space-saving solutions. The usable space above will be slightly elevated, which won’t matter too much since you’ve got plenty of vertical space to work with.

Inside the false floors, you can put in pull-out drawers in the front and trap doors that pull out on top. Both will give you access to things stored away inside the false floors. And as a bonus, they’ll be neatly put away so your home doesn’t have a cluttered look.

6. Make Built-in Shelves

This is almost the same idea as false floors, but instead of in the ground, you’ll get storage space in your walls. It takes some extra handiwork to do, but it’s completely worth it when you get a whole wall’s worth of storage space!

When you have build-in shelves, this gets rid of the need for bulky furniture for storage. You can use this newfound space to put in fashionable furniture pieces. And it won’t feel like everything’s crammed in since you’ll be able to space everything out.

7. Get an Over-the-Toilet Rack

If you’ve got a closet for a bathroom, then you’ll know just how claustrophobic it can feel in there. Not to mention, there’s nowhere to put your towels, toiletries, etc.

The good news is, an over-the-toilet rack is very affordable and easy to put together. It’s also one of the best space-saving methods to use in the bathroom.

These usually come with several shelves, so you can put extra toilet paper rolls and hand towels, plus some flowers and a diffuser to keep things smelling fresh.

8. Take Advantage of the Space Underneath Your Stairs

What you do here will depend on how much work you’re willing to put in and how much space you have.

For some people, building some pull-out storage shelves is as far as they’re willing to go. For other homeowners, they’re up for renovating and putting in an extra bathroom in this space.

Whatever you do, just don’t leave this area untouched. It’s got so much potential!

Use These Space-Saving Ideas to Improve Your Home

Fret no more about having a tiny home. By using these space-saving ideas, you’ll be able to turn your home into the TARDIS; smaller on the outside, but much larger inside!

With all the newfound space you’ll get, you’ll be able to truly decorate your house in the fashion you want. And maybe you’ll feel like you can finally call your house a home!

Need more interior decorating ideas? Then make sure you read the rest of our blog now!

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