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Are Big Investors Still Buying Commercial Property in 2019?



Commercial properties, also commonly referred as commercial real estates, are found in different forms. They are generally all investment that have been purchased with the motive of later generating income and they include buildings and land. For buildings they include medical centres, multifamily housing buildings and malls to mention just but a few. There are always those basic elements of an investment that when they are well analysed become key in providing services to those taking the path of intense investing. Commercial Real Estate has been categorized into five broad categories. They include; Retails, Office, Leisure, HealthCare and multifamily apartments.

Advantages of Investing with Commercial Properties for Sale

1. Greater Income potentials

Comparing commercial property to residential investment, there is a great difference when it comes to earning potentials. The return purchase of residential property ranges between one and four percent compared to the six to twelve percent returns on commercial property.

2. Focus by the public eye

Those renting units in commercial properties for sale are always ready to maintain their stores and the storefronts. This is usually with the motive of improving their business. This motive is usually aligned to the interest of the property owner whose investment increases in value in the process of maintaining and improving the quality.

3. Less operating hours

The good thing about commercial property investment is that you do not have to worry about those midnight calls. The investor works only when businesses are open and most of them are closed at night. Even with occurrence of an emergency there is always an alarm system that makes reports to the relevant authorities.

4. Other reasons why commercial property is the best is that it more flexible when it comes to leasing and it is easy to evaluate the value of property because income statements can be easily accessed.

Disadvantages of Commercial Property Investment

1. It requires a lot of time commitment

The main reason why it requires commitment and the time of any investors is because they are dealing with a larger number of tenants. This means there is going to be a lot of maintenance and public safety concern issues needed to be checked out.

2. Initial investment is usually huge

The first step in acquiring commercial property scares a lot of big investors away with the fear that the revenue collected may take too long to make returns or the recurring costs on maintenance will have these investors with little to enjoy from their investments.

3. Regular need of professional help

Since commercial investors cannot perform all their repairing and maintenance cost by themselves, they have to call in professions who are fit to perform such tasks. The charges might be high ranging from between 5 and up to 10 percent of the total rent revenue.


Real Estate as a form of commercial investment is behind the creation of over approximately four million jobs across Europe. This is even increasing with added investments from different committed investors around the world joining the trend (search properties). According to data collected by INRE and EPRA in 2012, commercial real estate market is responsible for injecting two hundred and eighty-five billion euros in Europe alone. As long there are safer ways to invest, businessmen will put an effort in ensuring they optimize such opportunities. With countries creating conducive investing environments, it is true to say with this year there has been reports of major investors buying commercial property than ever before. 


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