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Ceramic or Porcelain Floor Tiles – How To Make the Right Choice While Buying

Both ceramic and porcelain tiles are popular flooring choices because they are both durable and gives a rich look. Ceramic and porcelain flooring are practical choices for any bathrooms and kitchens because both are resistant to water. 

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The glazed surfaces are not porous and do not hold back moisture even if you have used them for a decade. Not only kitchens and bathrooms, these days both have also become popular choices for hallways, bedrooms, garden and living areas. 

Why these flooring are the best options?

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are also very affordable. Starting from a midlevel club ceramic tile supplier to high end luxury boutique, you will find beautiful designs to fit within your budget. Since these floorings are hard and can wither anything these are widely used by large and busy families. Also most of the tiles are compatible with floor heating. 

Moreover, these are very easy to clean and maintain. Just a swipe with floor cleaner and you are done for the day. Needless to say, it makes a great choice for new parents as well who have crawling children and pets. 

Understanding the cost

Most of the ceramic and porcelain tiles range from 30 dollars to 80 dollars per square meter. If you want customized decorative ones it can maximum cost, you near about 100 to 150 dollar per square meter. These days even most of the interior designers are suggesting clients to go for ceramic or porcelain ones over solid wood and real stone flooring. 

Porcelain VS Ceramic – Understanding the difference

Porcelain and ceramic can be quite confusing because the materials are look alike. Both of the tiles are manufactured using natural clay which makes them hard and sturdy. However, the difference lies in the process of manufacture. Porcelain floor will have finely grounded sand, so it has denser particles and has less porosity as compared to the ceramic ones.

 Hence it is best suited for heavily used areas like kitchens and bathroom. While ceramic has little more porosity which adds to the shine and glazed look. Therefore, it is best suited for bedrooms and living rooms. 

Understanding Pei Rating

Pei rating or Porcelain Enamel Rating is a deciding factor of application. Most of the reputed brands have pei rating which suggests where the definite style can be used. Both ceramic and porcelain tiles will have this rating. Ask the seller and make your final decision taking this rating into consideration. This will help your flooring to last longer with minimum cleaning and maintenance. 


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