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Choose Your Options for the best Cactus

In most cases, cactus diseases are dispelled only in violation of agricultural technology recommended in relation to one or another type of this crop. Improper irrigation, poorly selected soil, violation of the maintenance rules, installation on the windowsill, where there are drafts and the constant influence of cold air, all this leads to the development of bacterial, viral and fungal infections. You may wonder is my cactus dying? In that case, the options for detection are there.

Succulent diseases often manifest as various root and stem rot. It is very difficult to deal with them. It is much easier to conduct timely prevention and eliminate the risk of infection of the plant. But if the trouble has already happened, it is important to understand how treatment is carried out at home and what methods of cactus therapy can be used without fear. A description of the main problems of growing succulents can be found.So how to tell if your cactus is dying? The options are essential there.

Numerous photos of cactus diseases will help to accurately determine the cause of trouble and identify a way to deal with them:

Signs and causes of cactus disease

Determining that a cactus is sick can be quite difficult, given that many diseases in the beginning can be completely asymptomatic and only when the plant’s appearance begins to deteriorate very much, questions arise, what are these spots, why does a cactus rot, which, it seems, before that, he arranged both watering and temperature, how to save a decaying cactus and related ones. Let us dwell on these topics, consider the most common diseases of prickly pets, their causes, symptoms and treatment methods. So how often should you water a cactus? Here are the options for you.

The Right Diseases

Diseases can be caused by fungi, viruses and bacteria, but, most often, by the owners of the plants themselves. Improper care is very sad for the state of cacti. Most often, cacti get sick after watering with cold water, after they got into a draft (a window or window was opened in cold or windy weather) when they are sharply exposed to direct sunlight. By the way, this is a very common mistake. Having decided that cacti growing in deserts can immediately be placed on the eastern or southern windowsill, without gradually preparing them for the sun, you can lose the plant before they even have fun. So how often do you water a cactus? The options are there.

If any wound or crack appears on the cactus, they must be healed immediately with the help of crushed coal. And the last, in winter, cacti do not water, this can also cause health problems.

Fusarium in cacti

Fusariosis is a fungal disease that appears on cacti in the form of pink or purple plaque on the stems. The disease begins with the roots and visually shows itself too late to deal with it. Sick plants destroy.

There are also other pests and diseases of cacti. We will write more about them if you tell us what interests you. But prevention in the case of cacti is an extremely important aspect when caring for them.

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