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Common signs of a sick tree and methods of prevention

Proved by an eminent Indian Scientist, Dr. Jagdish Chandra Bose, trees have life just like humans. They live and die just like animals and human beings. But, one of the differences is that they can’t speak like us. They cannot express their condition in words or sentences, but trees do express their joy of health and stress of poor health. It is we, who has to recognize these silent warning symptoms of a stressful tree, so as to prevent them from damage. Before you call for Toronto Tree Removal, watch out some of the symptoms of the stressful tress which needs immediate attention:

Warnings of a tree under stress:

You can categorize the warning signs of a stressed tree as per their duration of arrival. Stress can be acute or chronic.

Acute stress symptoms: They appear quickly and are easy to spot. For example, wilting and scorching of trees. Scorching means the leaves turning brown on the lack of water. Overcome such signs by replenishing the tree with water and fertilizers.

Chronic stress symptoms: They affect the tree for a longer period of time. They are difficult to spot and don’t wear off easily even after replenishing the tree with water and fertilizers. Stunted growth and small leaves are signs of chronic stress.

How to take care of trees to avoid stress?

Here are the best possible ways to take care of your tree:

  1. Mulching and Fertilization: This is one of the most effective ways to strengthen the roots and improves the quality of the soil.
  2. Regular watering of plants: Regular watering of plant ensures that enough water reaches the roots of the tree.
  3. Check for early signs: Tress always show their signs of stress at a very early stage. Observing an early sign is a way to prevent total damage in the future.
  4. Regular checkup of your plants through a professional arborist: A professional arborist is an expert who can find out the visible or hidden signs of stress easily and suggest methods to overcome them. A regular visit may keep the damage and stress at bay.

Signs of stressed trees:

  1. Rotten, flaky and brittle bark.
  2. Broken branches.
  3. Leaves falling before the fall season.
  4. Tree become home to a large number of insects and pests.
  5. Branches holding dead leaves.
  6. Fungus growth at the tree bark and base.
  7. Discolored and shriveled foliage.
  8. Dead branches or branches without leaves and bark.
  9. Holes, cracks, and wound on the trunk.
  10. Rotten tree
  11. Soft feeling roots.
  12. Dark spots on leaves with odd colors and distorted shapes.
  13. Leaves growing only on one side of the trunk.
  14. Odd structure of the trunk.

Call a specialist:

It is always better to call for a professional Toronto Tree Removal services at regular intervals. Usually, these experts check for the tree stress and can suggest effective ways to save a tree from dying.

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