Thu. Dec 8th, 2022
custom home in 2021

Crucial steps to build your perfect custom home in 2021

Building a custom house is not an easy decision, because it requires planning, budgeting and following a series of steps for the project to be successful, above all, hiring the experience of a professional custom home builder services. For this reason, we recommend a series of steps to build the perfect custom house from scratch.

Professional assistance: find an architect

The first step will be to contact an expert architect, to whom you can comment on the particularities of the project, what type of house you want to build and what is the preferred design, as a guide. Finally, the architect will provide a blueprint to corroborate the projection of the house until the ideal design is reached.

Find a plot

If you own land, you have part of the process of building a new home completed. If you are not yet the owner of a plot, buy one with the architect’s guidance. The geotechnical study requires drilling to check the strength and composition of the place.

Technical aspects of design

Again, we will take advantage of the services of the architect who will prepare the following documents for the project – basic project and executive project. The first contains the plans and description of works. The other includes a detailed description of the size of the work, materials to be used, finishes and measurements.

The direction of the work

In this step, there is a surveyor who will be in charge of taking the reins to build a new home and that everything runs smoothly in terms of safety and quality.

Select the builder

The next step is crucial, as it involves hiring a team of builders or a company dedicated to building works for the custom project. Bet on the most appropriate decision taking into account the experience, references and advice that a company can provide if your desire is to build a custom house from scratch under the best terms. Besides, the builder must take care of all construction permits, projects and designs, offering a written guarantee on all works.

Completion of construction

Both the builder and the surveyor and architect will deliver the final work to the owner. The following will be to review the physical conditions of the plant and that the house follows safety and legality guidelines. Once the work is recognized by the client, the professionals will be able to sign the final work document, as well as a count of the guarantees of the property.

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