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Design A Kitchen of Your Dreams with Meticulous Planning Without Breaking the Bank

Kitchens are the heart of the house. Careful planning is essential to design a beautiful and highly functional one. Knowing all the underlying factors involved will help in designing a great kitchen. Break the planning process into steps to make it manageable.

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Assess your needs:

Take a look at your current kitchen and make note of what you like and dislike about it. See the storage space available, the type of appliances and colour of cabinetry. This will help in retaining the useful existing aspects and make further improvement. See if the existing space is sufficient or if you would need to take down a wall to clear up space.

Plumbing and heating:

If you are renovating your kitchen, see if old plumbing would suffice or additional plumbing work would be required. Work out in your mind where you want to place the appliances and check if there are plug points nearby. Since radiators take up more space, consider installing underground heating.

Get inspiration from around:

Everyone has their own personal preference on how they want their kitchen to look. Collect images of your preferred styles in a scrapbook. If you find someone’s kitchen where the materials and accessories worked out well, make note of it. Visit the website of Kitchen wholesalers and browse through their options available. Get in touch with them and beautify your kitchen by purchasing their best-selling cabinets.

Work out your priorities:

What do you think are the must-haves?

  • Would you like a statement island?
  • Do you like sleek worktops?
  • Do you think you need more cupboard storage?
  • Do you want to install a specific kitchen appliance to make your cooking easier?


Be flexible when it comes to planning lighting. Adding secondary lighting in areas above the cooking space comes in handy.

Get help from a professional:

To ensure you make the maximum use of the available space, a professional’s advice proves valuable.  There are experts in the field of kitchen designing with years of experience who will suggest simple and innovative ideas to design your dream kitchen. Get a kitchen designer to inspect your space get a written detailed quote.

Ensure the quote includes every little aspect of the job.  It is recommended not to pay more than 25% of the total contract amount as deposit beforehand. Be straightforward about your budget to avoid last minute surprises. Always choose high-quality material for kitchen as they are prone to everyday traffic.

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