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Equipment And Processes of Concrete Cleaning

Concrete is a robust and fantastic looking material, however, much maintenance and care is needed for this precious flooring. Dirt and grime are inevitable and the biggest cause of build-up and damage – this damage will lead to your flooring looking less-than-perfect and further damage your concrete surface. What most property owners on the Gold Coast aren’t aware of is that even when your concrete flooring looks clean, there can still be harmful bacteria or mould causing the damage.

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One sure way to get the best out of dirty concrete floors, and a quick and easy method is by hiring professional concrete cleaning services on the Gold Coast. This, coupled with a few DIY tasks and the right equipment will ensure that your investment is well taken care of.

In this article, we’re going to look at a few things. First we’re going to look at the best equipment and processes to ensure your concrete flooring remains in its optimal state. But first…

What We’ve Learned As a Concrete Cleaning Company on the Gold Coast

We’ve spent our years in business cleaning all kinds of surfaces and have grown to understand these surfaces and what it takes to treat them. Our meticulous approach to cleaning has allowed us to develop our cleaning skills and equip ourselves with the correct equipment and the latest trends on the market. So, we know what we’re talking about.

The approach and equipment used is the best way to ensure that the clean matches the surfaces being worked on. So, not only is the surface, such as concrete, an important factor, but the equipment and cleaning materials need to be taken into account. Jumping into things without the right preparation can cause more damage than whatever contaminates may have affected it. This is why it is best to use the services of a concrete cleaning company on the Gold Coast to avoid wasting time and money.

The Best Concrete Cleaning Equipment and Process

Concrete flooring can be cleaned in different ways, and their clean will also vary. Some floors can be cleaned by property owners, whereas others are better off left to professionals. Taking on some of the load while giving the bulk of the work to a concrete cleaning company on the Gold Coast is an affordable and the finest way to get the best look and care possible.

As much as this mix may sound simple, it’s not. It requires regular cleaning like sweeping your standard concrete flooring using a hard-bristle broom used outside along with a scheduled pressure cleaning service from a concrete cleaning company on the Gold Coast at least every six months. Remember that outdoor concrete is most susceptible to build-up of dirt, grime, and grease, whereas indoor concrete is less likely to experience significant dirt.

Using work zone equipment Austin TX for the DIY part is ideal; get a hard-bristled broom, a hose with a spray nozzle, and dry granular cleaners. If you’re lucky, you can upgrade your equipment to using a store-bought power washer, however, this is essential. We always urge our customers to continuously perform spot cleaning on a sunny and dry day because with minimal wind, sweeping and vacuuming debris will be a breeze. Using the hose, spray the area you’ll be working on from the highest point the hose can cover and apply the cleaner. Here onwards, use the broom to scrub the solution and use the high-pressure hose to clear it away.

Using the mentioned processes and equipment, these are the stain types you can tackle:

Oil Stains

Concrete driveways and garages are known to have more oil stains than most flooring on your property. The best and quickest way to handle oil stains is spraying a bottle of water with bleach in it. Simply spray onto the stains and leave it for about 20 minutes. Come back and use an old scrub to brush into the stains and rinse with clean water. Repeat this process if and when necessary.

Grease Stains

Kitty litter is actually one of the best options when dealing with grease stains, unbelievable right? You might not have a cat as a pet, so the next best option is to use dry cement. All you need to do is spread your chosen method over the stains and allow to sit for about three days. Once done, sweep or vacuum the area and dispose of the waste. However, avoid through the cement down sinks, drains or toilets as this will lead to plumbing issues.

After this, sweep or vacuum and dispose of it in the rubbish. Whatever you do, do not

Tyre Marks

With tyre marks, you’ll need to get a degreaser, one with orange citrus concentrate. Apply the solution on the stain and it soaks in for a couple of hours, then, make sure you give it a good power scrub with a brush or a broom. Once you’ve completed this step, rinse the degreaser off and the stain should have disappeared.

The simplest and best way to ensure that your concrete floors and Concrete Barriers waukesha wi are in exceptional condition, though, is getting a professional concrete cleaning company to handle it all for you. This is not only because they have the experience but also because they use the best equipment and have an in-depth knowledge of working on different surfaces.

At AAA Industrial Services, we have access to professional concrete cleaning equipment to give you the results you need on every project we take on. We know that your concrete flooring is a huge investment and the last thing you want or to worry about is it getting further damaged. Speak to us about your needs and we’ll get on it. Call us today, we’re on the Gold Coast!

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