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Floor covering: how to choose it?

There is an abundance of flooring! Parquet, carpet, tiling, natural soil, PVC floor, etc. How to navigate and which floor to adopt in a kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom? There are different types of flooring for different tastes and needs. Great classics, tiling, carpet, stone, and parquet are today competing with new synthetic materials, PVC in the lead. In this blog, we will help you find the right epoxy flooring for your room and its use.

What flooring for the kitchen?

The kitchen floor must meet the specific needs of that room. It must be sturdy, resistant to shock and humidity, and easy to maintain. The easiest covering can thus be the tiling which in addition to being practical will offer a great variety in terms of design. epoxy flooring will also be suitably provided you choose a resistant model suitable for intense use. As for the parquet, it must be treated to avoid stains, and it will be necessary to choose a hardwood species to limit impacts.

What flooring for the bedrooms?

The Best Flooring Options for Bedrooms - Carpet Market One

Intended for rest, the bedroom is an intimate space, even a refuge. It can be embellished with leather which is friendly, soft, and warm. Regular cleaning with a mop and water is sufficient to maintain the waxed complexion of this material. The three types of parquet also find their place in this room. Composed of three layers of wood, the floating model is the most affordable. Aesthetic, it is suitable for any support. As for solid parquet, it is ecological while being efficient in thermal and acoustic insulation. Easy to install, laminate parquet (designed in linoleum or PVC) is an assembly of fibers or wood particles.

What flooring for the bathroom?

Best Bathroom Flooring Ideas | DIY

The bathroom being a wet room, the epoxy flooring must be water-resistant or be treated to adapt to it. Tiles are, therefore, the preferred coating for this room because it is waterproof and easy to maintain. We can also opt for epoxy flooring by checking that the model is compatible with wet rooms (these will often be models whose installation is clip-on). On the parquet side, exotic wood will withstand humidity just like some more classic parquet, provided they have received special treatment. To avoid: natural floors if ventilation is not good, carpet.

What flooring for the exterior?

Outside, the flooring must be particularly resistant to frost, sun, and bad weather. Reference will thus be made to the soil classification standards to verify that the coating adapts to external conditions. Ease of maintenance is also a criterion to take into account. Wood, for example, will require more work than tiling or stone.

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